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Error Tatiana Gutsu

Ошибка Татьяны Гуцу

As Ukrainian athlete tried to join the controversial “Vanshtein-gate”

For the uninitiated, a brief preamble. October 5, The New York Times published a great investigation is dedicated to the eminent Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Who is he, will say the names of movies, appears with his submission: “gangs of new York”, “Chicago”, “Clerks”, “Trainspotting”, “Shakespeare in Love”, “the King’s speech,” etc., etc., for me Personally, rather the fact that Weinstein has opened the world of Quentin Tarantino. Alas, it now appears: producer, allegedly, creepy and amoral type, himself striving to Actresses who performed them “sexual auditions” and money Seminary scandals, if someone objected, or tried to make a fuss. Long time all were silent, fearing the “powerful Weinstein,” and then, suddenly, burst. With the sensational revelations at the moment were already dozens of “stars” and “stars”, along with “dull” and “not lit”.

How does it go on turn out — does not matter. Here it is only newsworthy, which gave impetus to the “Weinstein-gate”: a long line of “sexual revelations”. So, a couple of the Actresses were charged with “harassment” of the Director James Tabaka; under threat of a court for the same thing is actor bill Cosby; someone grabbed the breast Ben Affleck; Steven Seagal “opened the robe and showed genitals”. With some fright excited the whole European Parliament at its plenary session in Strasbourg adopted a resolution, where the Chairman and the administration of the Assembly was urgently required to investigate the information media about the cases of “playfulness” on the part of the deputies. Apotheosis — American writer said that former US President George Bush senior in 2014, has embraced her “for the lower back and touched”. The old man about 90 years old, he is confined to a wheelchair, it is everywhere accompanied by a wife — and I suppose you!

Ошибка Татьяны Гуцу

X sports of the USSR. Photo: the absolute champion of the Spartakiade of the Governor Tatyana gutsu during a speech at the sports Palace in Luzhniki, 1991 (Photo: Yakovlev, Alexander/TASS)

All this I told you for “creating the atmosphere” that swept, including the Internet, there unfolded a campaign under the hashtag “me too.” Victims are invited to tell about the violence, even if it happened a long time ago. Say, it is time not to fear anybody and bring all to clean water. Thence revelations for us all the same exotic, but the 16 October “tripping” and our side. Your “5 cents” to the “common Fund” made Tatiana gutsu — the once celebrated champion in sports (not to be confused with artistic) gymnastics — posted in Facebook:

Tatiana Toropova, who I thought was my friend and comrade in the USSR national team, thank you that you didn’t have the courage when I need it most to stand up for me and fight for women’s rights. No means no. You were there and heard everything, but you didn’t do anything to protect me…

Rustam Sharipov, thank you for what you were a great friend to his friend and defended me when I was 15 years old.

The one who raped me in Stuttgart in 1991 Vitaly Scherbo. The monster, which I had been in my own cage. I know you try to protect yourself. But my evidence is much stronger than your words. I am stronger now than ever. You won’t be able to break me. This is my Cinderella story. I got over it, and I will support everyone who is afraid to speak up, I will try to be confident…”

A few words about the “monster”: Vitaly Scherbo — Belarusian from Minsk, in 1972, that is, in 1991, he was 19 years old. Six-time Olympic champion and honoured master of sports of the USSR in gymnastics. Besides the Olympics, has four times won the world Cup. She currently lives in the United States.

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I mentioned the nationality is not accidental, because already read as “Soviet champion raped Ukrainian gymnast”, given that Tatiana gutsu from Odessa! Note the “Soviet” and “Ukrainian”. The story is widely dispersed by the media, the journalists found that “girlfriend” — Tatyana Toropova, like a neighbor of Tatiana gutsu in the room, saying that she has no idea about the incident. “Tanya and Vitalik”, of course, were familiar, he may be “a little bit molested”, but VIOLENCE?! No! Others referred to the participants — the “rapist” Vitaly Scherbo and “not protected” Rustam Sharipov remain silent.

Well, with introductions, like understood, proceed directly to the tale. “The tale” — because Tatiana gutsu or could not be raped in Stuttgart, in 1991. It clearly indicates two important details: the incident happened when she was 15 years old (she’s born in 1976) and all occurred in the “Stuttgart in 1991.”


Check out the schedule of events in gymnastics in 1991:

31.03.1991 — 02.04.1991

XVIII Moscow international tournament “world Stars — 91” for the prizes of the publishing house “Physical culture and sport”, 1991

Moscow, Luzhniki

09.04.1991 — 14.04.1991

LI the USSR championship in the individual all-around, 1991


14.05.1991 — 19.05.1991

L the championship of the RSFSR, 1991


26.06.1991 — 04.07.1991

LVII the USSR championship and X games of the Soviet peoples in the decathlon, 1991

Moscow, Luzhniki

07.09.1991 — 15.09.1991

XXVI world championship, 1991

Indianapolis (USA)

And what about Stuttgart? And he was two years earlier, when, in 1989, there was 25-th world championship in gymnastics. Here is the team: S. Boginskaya, S. Batova, O. Dudnik, N. Lashchenova, E. Sazonenkov. Here the male: I. Korobchinsky, V. Grave, V. Artemov, V. Marinich, V. Novikov, V. Belenky. WHERE Gutu, or Shcherbo? In addition, in 1989, Tatiana turned not 15, and 13 years.

Look those who spoke in 1991 in the us Indianapolis next, the 26th championship. Girls: S. Boginskaya, Tatiana gutsu, T. Lysenko, R. Galieva, Chusovitina O. N. Kalinina. Men: Vitaly Shcherbo, I. Korobchinsky, Moutin, V. Liukin, V. Belenky, A. Voropayev. See among the names Toropova and Sharipova, which the lawmaker considers whether “witnesses”, whether involuntary “accomplices”? I also do not see. But at least the immediate persons involved in the scandal are present. Thus, hypothetically it could happen, not in Germany, and the United States.

For example, “the girl was worried and confused”. First, if you believe her, she is a real “flint.” “Rape” does not prevent to win two silver medals and one gold in the all-around. What W the will to win it is necessary to have, despite the received trauma!

Second, focus events occur in the era albeit “late”, but the Soviet Union. Travel abroad “this morning, not that tapericha” — was accompanied by a bunch of conventions and documents. To confuse Europe with the USA a lot of hard work, starting with the exchange of currency and ending with the flight.

Thirdly and most importantly, Tatiana gutsu now a US citizen. Getting this status, it not like they could not “forget” the previous visits on the us territory, including a performance at the world championship in Indianapolis in 1991. Undertaking such a serious charge, it is difficult to specify the place and time of the alleged crime? For example, by date received medals? After all, now Tatyana is 15 years old, moreover, she claims, turning to the monster: “my evidence is much stronger than your words.”

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But that’s not all. The Olympics 1992 in Barcelona, the team in gymnastics. Women’s team: Rozalia Galieva, Svetlana Boginskaya, Tatiana gutsu, Elena Groudneva, Tatiana Lysenko, Oksana Chusovitina. Men’s team: V. Scherbo, V. Belenky, G. Mishutin, I. Korobchinsky, A. Voropaev, R. Sharipov.

Finally, Rustam Sharipov! Then, in the absolute championship among women the winner Tatiana gutsu, men — Vitaly Scherbo. How’s this, your mother let me understand? After a year, “rapist” and “victim” calm act together, and you’re doing great! There is no need for someone “to shield” and “silent” — the Soviet Union ceased to exist and athletes are in conventional “combined team of the CIS”. After they disperse to their new States and any former Soviet officials it is not a decree. (Assuming that Tatiana was silent, for fear of some hypothetical “superiors”). Rustam Sharipov is also not clear: in 1991 in the U.S. it stated, in 1992 in Barcelona is present, so, when and where he “defended”? Required it even “protection”?

…Once Tatiana gutsu will give a subtle interview to the Odessa TV (she repeatedly came to their historic homeland). Say, saying, “I intend to try myself in film industry” and “become an actress”. The risk to assume that with his “sports school” in the U. S. A. it is especially something went wrong. Open training in Detroit, it’s like that in Chernobyl, only without the radiation. This is not the place in America, where now it is coming true “American dream”.

Okay, the actress — so the actress. While in this field know nothing about it. However, as “unknown”? This is the same “Ukrainian gymnast” who was raped “Soviet champion”! Finally, the crime was revealed, thanks to the “Weinstein-gate”!

P.S. Has visited on shootings of transfer of Andrey Malakhov, where there was a teleconference with Tatiana gutsu. It is a long time and with tears told about “severe trauma with which she lived all these years” and “the hard destiny”. Sounded details: they drank with Vitaly champagne, smoked (cigarettes), she forgot, and woke up he’s already on it! I believed her tears, and did not believe said: what kind of champagne in your 15 years? For such “aerial” at the time of the Soviet Union was expelled from the national team — whoever you were — forever blocking future trips abroad. Where do you get “champagne”, to which currency and how carried — regime of the Soviet athletes was still the same.

But nothing that I haven’t asked, waiting for the main, when once again sounded Stuttgart, and — most important — “we celebrated winning the world Cup.” And then I turned to Tatiana gutsu: “what were you doing in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1991 at the world Cup if the world Cup 1991 was held in Indianapolis (USA)?” Andrey Malakhov immediately announced advertising, teleconference bridge went out. Five minutes later he had come back and Gutu was to say that from US they went to England and then to Germany. “Wild fowl” — see above schedule for the Soviet national team from 1991. What is behind the sudden such a cruise, hosted by the USSR, its athletes “unexpectedly”? Who paid? What kind of competition? Another “world Cup” about which nobody knows, especially for Gutu? There was no answer, but, again, cried Tatyana very convincing…

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