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Erdogan has proposed to avenge the US boycott of the iPhone

Erdogan has promised to give a harsh response to the U.S. waged “economic war” aiming, according to him, deprivation of Turkey’s position in the list of countries with the largest GDP

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara, a statement on the background of devaluation of the national currency. The United States to respond to wage an “economic war” he proposed a ban on the import of American gadgets, reports Bloomberg.

As Erdogan said, “those who unleashed an economic war against Turkey, have to pay for it.” With the Turkish President stressed that the aggressive US actions in the economic sphere affect not only Turkey but also other countries. Among the States affected by the actions of Washington, he called Russia, China and Canada.

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A possible response to the US actions Erdogan has called a boycott of American electronic products and the development of national production. “We will produce and sell products that will be better than those we buy in foreign currency. And we will boycott American electronics” — quoted from the speech of Erdogan Anadolu.He recalled that in the world there is an alternative to the devices produced in the United States. “If they have an iPhone, on the other hand has, and Samsung,” he said.

According to the Turkish leader, the cause of “economic war” against Turkey began its high economic performance, in particular, a high level of GDP. Erdogan stressed that Turkey ranks 17th in the world in GDP, and 13-th place in the world in terms of GDP calculated at purchasing power parity, and in this lies the reason for the hostile attitude from the United States.

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With the help of the iPhone in 2016, Erdogan made his first statement after the coup attempt in the country. In order to appeal to his supporters, he used the FaceTime app developed by Apple. “Take to the streets and give them an answer,” said Erdogan, calling on the citizens to enter into a confrontation with the rebels.

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