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“Enough to feed a shameless fan faces!”

"Хватит кормить бессовестные околофутбольные рожи!"

In the Russian football revolution is brewing, which is initiated by the owner “Spartaka” Leonid Fedun. In his opinion, there is no point to keep Premier League clubs, who do not go by the fans.The chief editor of the weekly newspaper “Soviet sport – Football” Nikolay Roganov – the same opinion.

Nikolay Roganov, chief editor of the weekly newspaper “Soviet sport – Football”

I interview, Leonid Fedun did not read, but approved. Colleagues briefly told, therefore, the main thesis is familiar. Not 16, but 14 clubs in the Premier League, after a two-round tournament division teams, two sevens and already inside them, everyone plays each twice.

Based solely on your own memories – I clearly remember the transition championship 2011/12 years, in which there was a lot of supermatcha. Whatever the tour, or Derby, or “Zenit” chopped “Spartakom” or CSKA. I liked it!

Opponents of the proposals Fedun say that attendance then still did not grow. Brothers, so in fact it was on the old collective farm “Petrovsky”, the poor non-football “Luzhniki” and other inconvenient “Khimki”. And now good games to the new modern stadiums and collecting notices. That is why Fedun and shook our football the swamp – the owner of “Spartacus” really earns the meetings with CSKA and “Zenith” wants more!

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I really don’t understand why these clubs should be engaged in charity and to travel to Kazan and Makhachkala, where football is necessary to nobody, – primarily to local residents, who almost stopped him to go.

Rubin spoiling their image fucked on the transfers of money that, sorry, the brand is unlikely anything will be saved. With someone in Kazan no talk, no kind words about the team. And the story closed on match days Parking beyond all reasonable! Fathers of the region, if you are itching to spend millions on professional sports, start some other project, and this is already close to not suffer.

There are fans of “Spartak”, “Zenith”, CSKA, “Locomotive” appeared in Krasnodar, but with them and we have to work to please them. Heating for the stadiums, different passes, loyalty cards, beer, in the end, permission to sell. The other clubs, sorry to go. They had a chance they didn’t use it. Well, those who were close to the budget allocation, certainly did not miss her, but why should we continue to feed those fed the shameless faces?

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For someone playing “Tosno” on “Petrovsky”? What is club history, registration? Why is it needed? Nine out of ten who reads this note, will not be able to explain it. What “Ural” in the match with Arsenal making fun of people in attendance 1345 people? Let him play in the national football League since the club’s owners are so sincere and disinterested love football, and does not interfere with the really popular teams do for the fans of the show.

Suggestions Fedun help us all to understand what kind of football we have, to whom it is interesting, and as it continue to develop. But the knockers prefer to sit on the priest exactly, to do nothing and endlessly whining about how we are all bad. Why would you colleagues, then working in this field? Do you like to write every day that the Russian football good-for-nothing? If so, you are all losers. Damn, do something! At least try…

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