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Empire of the hurt feelings in search of money for greatness

Империя оскорбленных чувств: в поисках денег на величие

After the Duma election time comes the really unpopular measures, only having to do with reforms with long-term useful effects, and to extract additional rents from the population.

Electoral autocracies – expensive toys, constantly requiring financial charge to buy the loyalty of the population. For the bombing, which also lifts the mood of average Russians, falling into notorious 86% approval rating of the President. Hence the numerous initiatives for the invention of new ways of withdrawal of money from the population – from the Spa collection for that visitor holidaymaker breathes the air of this remote Russian territory, to the idea of introducing a progressive scale of taxation.

The Russian government in the last fifteen years shied away from reforms that was considered “unpopular”. Although that actually might be unpopular, for example, in the pension system – unless, of course, to work hard to explain to current retirees that their case will not be affected? Or in the reform of the army, the principles of which were proposed to change on a professional and voluntary in accordance with the needs of “postgonococcal” post-industrial society? Or targeted social support? Or reduce the burden of excessive government regulation…

And now some time has come really unpopular measures, only having to do with reforms with long-term useful effects, and to extract additional rents from the population. Adjusted social contract: we give you the Crimea and “millennial history”, you give us political support, the rejection of the protests, and now more belt-tightening. Sausage, cheese and other material benefits in the new version of the social contract no.

Funding for “the feelings of the great powers” requires more and more money as lobbyists industry hurt feelings – one of the most successful in the field of public relations (threats and insults to the population) and Ciara (links at the top). It only remains to figure out how to extract money for the greatness that the replacement fridge.

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Need money because you want something close political cash gap between the parliamentary and presidential elections. Pension funds are frozen. The Ministry of Finance scares the exhaustion of the Reserve Fund, proposes to increase VAT and to have another reform the collection of insurance premiums. And Sergei Naryshkin “spoken” about the fact that the flat rate personal income tax can be replaced by a progressive. Before the active phase of the campaign, began talking about what time would bring the Russians out of the shadows and whitewash jobs. Just recently, a two-year tax exemption for voluntarily emerged from the shadows of self-employed is discussed by the President and the Prime Minister.

It’s all very “in time” — exactly when the Russians have to survive, if not at the expense of the white sector, even at the expense of gray. And preferably without the regulatory participation of the state, because “democracy of the taxpayer” we have not very good: give money, get back “package of Spring” or “Plato”. A “garage production” the result is largely saves the public peace and generally contributing to the security of the government.

But the budget of “hybrid wars and besieged fortress” every penny road. And remove her from all social, professional, political groups and strata. The class of rich businessmen symbolic arrests are reminded of “social responsibility” before political power. The middle class will impose new rates and scales. The poor will withdraw from the shadow. And they are squinting from the bright light, will move from the category of “missing-money-on-clothes-and-food” cluster “missing-money-on-food.” A simple political economy of belt-tightening.

The money will extract and then partially returned. The government will play the role of father, benefactor, and source of distribution of wealth and money. Collected tribute, it will return “in kind” — compounded by the feeling of great power. And money – to the polling stations the voters feet dovolokli when the trumpet call.

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But most of the confiscated citizens money the state will leave their various needs. What? The answer to this question is not included in the terms of social contract between government and society. A military secret.

It is believed that this attack budgetone caused by the fact that the “party of power” received a powerful mandate to do anything. However, such a mandate, in essence, was and still Council – it is impossible to talk seriously about what KPRF, LDPR, SR is a real party, not a faction within a single party in power in the extended sense. In addition, when we have Duma decided what to do with the country? The mandate given to her to relay that as clearly as possible the will of the Supreme power. And if someone upstairs decides that well, her idea of progressive taxation, the deputies and to think will forget about this harmful initiative.

Meantime, city Council, and all other “mining” divisions of corporations “Russia and sons, first connects to the search for money and under the light, and the unlit parts of the economy. Due to the population, but for his own good. Citizens do not know how to spend money – for them it will make those who know how to prioritize. In full compliance with the described Hayek “fatal conceit” of the state.

The only problem is that in an L-shape living economy, where the base of the L is still not horizontal, but sloped down, the base itself of withdrawal of money from the population narrows. And the best way to gain the trust of citizens would be to establish a market friendly regulatory environment.


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