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Elena Malysheva recommends seniors to play Counter Strike

Елена Малышева рекомендует пенсионерам играть в Counter Strike

On Tuesday, February 7 on the First channel released a new series of transfer Helen malyshevoy “Live healthy!”. In this episode, familiar to every Russian TV presenter tried to prove to the seniors that they not only do not blame their grandchildren for sitting endless hours playing Counter Strike, but also ask granddaughter to move and give to grandma to hang a couple of headshots damned terrorists. Malysheva sure it will do them only good.

According to scientists, the assistants, who were present in this episode, pensioners, shot his virtual opponents, will increase the speed of decision-making.


“When a man does this game – it already has generated variants. And at the right time you don’t need to think. You just take this puzzle and it is carried out”.

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On this basis, it is necessary to assume that in case of occurrence of conflict situations (Naham soedkoy), the pensioner will know that for more damage, aim better to the head. And at the approach of the enemy close need to switch to the knife.

During the demonstration of the game process specialist with malyshevoy to kill grandma shouting “Fire! Fire!”, when she sees players from her own team. As such decisions in the game can skazhetsya on real life women can only guess.

In the second part of the program was invited to another elderly woman who was offered to play in one of the modern analogues of Pac-Man. Gameplay Malyshev described: “Here they want to eat you. And no goal. The goal is to survive.”

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Елена Малышева рекомендует пенсионерам играть в Counter Strike

Over the next few minutes older gamer over and over again stumbles upon a Ghost by killing your poor bun, and leading encourage her convincing Granny that she wins. Probably, in this case, the older player is training tolerance to adversity, by their complete denial. Well, that’s a useful skill.

Finally, the third visitor of transmission suggested to play a home version of Dance Dance Revolution Mat on the Studio floor Mat for this game. The woman jumped on him, never once coming on one key, but was incredibly pleased with this new pastime.

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