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Eggs and Zelenka – Krivoy Rog gave Saakashvili a generous gift

Яйца и зеленка – Кривой Рог преподнес Саакашвили щедрый подарок

Let’s go back and remember the days when palamagamba power in Ukraine still showed some hope for the future (albeit not particularly bright) when do Ukrainian citizens praised the newly minted President and his cronies-huntarey, one of whom was ex-President of Georgia and an ardent eater ties Mikheil Saakashvili.

With a wide smile on his face, with bouquets of flowers and applause the inhabitants of Odessa met their new Governor. Presenting Saakashvili, Poroshenko himself claimed that huge management and reform experience will enable him without difficulty to restore order in the region, making it a role model.

On taking office, Saakashvili assured the citizens of Odessa, he knows how to fight corruption, to change, law enforcement activity, to establish customs and tax services, to attract in the region of investment and also make the area a center of tourism. The new Governor said that he came to this position for a while and will leave as soon as I realize their promises.

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Did not work, it didn’t happen! During the year the residents of Odessa realized that the Bear from Georgia has held the post of Governor does not carry out reforms, but to run your mouth and PR her brazen face. In this regard, the citizens have changed the smile on your face in the address Saakashvili reproaches and discontent.

During the year the Bear was not able to solve “pressing problems”. Instead, “conducted several reforms in the Georgian sample”, type open center of administrative services. But the infrastructure has remained shattered, no good roads, no industrial recovery.

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Resentment and hatred lurking on the former Governor not only in Odessa. In other parts of Ukraine, Saakashvili has “fans” that otherwise show him your respect.

It threw eggs filled with green paint, during a speech in Krivoy Rog when he Khayal local authorities like themselves…

The attackers, he called aunts and expressed confidence that they had sent the mayor Yuriy Vilkul.

So I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over this situation. With such pseudo – officials that develop corruption and chic at the expense of the people in the Ukraine soon will come the shortage of green fodder…

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