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Effective, but terribly expensive LiDAR can do really massive

Эффективный, но жутко дорогой LiDAR могут сделать действительно массовым

The Munich startup Blickfeld received a grant of $ 4.25 million dollars, which will allow him to continue working on the new version optical locator for unmanned car (LiDAR). If the experts of the company will be given planned, LiDAR can be a truly massive and easily accessible system.

In the global automotive industry, this technology considers the key terms of the security of the autopilot system. LiDAR uses light in the same way as the radar high frequency radio waves.

With the help of light pulses, the system builds a complete three-dimensional map space, finding in its “field of view”. Thanks to this autopilot literally “sees” the surrounding world and is able to correctly judge a traffic situation.

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The main problem with LiDAR is that it is very expensive to make, which no automaker would not install it on a truly massive model. And that’s just the problem takes to solve Blickfeld, reports Clean Technica.

The company’s engineers want to construct a LiDAR using only available standard components. In this way Blickfeld can actually fold cheaper mass production system, while maintaining its quality and high efficiency. As a result, the company will open Autonomous cars and electric vehicles the road to the mass buyer.

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Funding for the project was provided by a consortium of Fluxunit (the venture capital division is known worldwide for OSRAM), and German companies, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Tengelmann Ventures and Unternehmertum Venture Capital.

“The funds provided will be used to accelerate the transition of the project to full-scale testing in real conditions, says Florian Petit, founder of the Blickfeld. – We plan to produce a working prototype system in early 2018.”

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