Sunday , June 25 2017
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“Terms”: Everything is fine. Fall…


After the beginning of the so-called “market reforms” in Russia liberal “reformers” with the support of a huge army of consultants and experts are continually searching for “the light at the end of the tunnel, exit from the crisis”, “development model” and “economic strategy” for Russia. Looking for and can …

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Digital putinomics


During his speech at the SPIEF-2017 Putin talked a lot about the digital economy. So much that the President is clearly vying for the role of software and should start construction of the digital economy in Russia. And the government, deputies, governors will begin to repeat the phrase “digital economy” …

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The authorities are preparing the attack on the ruble


The summer months can be the worst for the ruble. The Ministry of Finance is preparing to increase its foreign currency reserves on the background of reducing its inflow into the country. Some analysts believe that this may lead to the weakening of the ruble. Likely a reference to early …

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Record grain exports will not bring Russia a record of income


Russia predicting new records in grain exports – however, in the following, 2017/2018-m agricultural year. But even if that happens, it does not mean that domestic producers record get rich. Several factors hinder Russia to make good money on grain, even with excellent yields. Russia can be allocated to exports …

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Egypt imposes temporary tariffs on steel imports from Ukraine


Egypt imposes temporary tariffs on steel from China, Turkey and Ukraine. About it reports Reuters. The reason for this decision were complaints from local producers that are not able to compete with imported alternatives. “This decision is designed to protect local production from harmful practices imported alternatives,” said trade Minister …

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The near future Russia is destined to


The economic blockade, long queues for food in the shops, the imposition of martial law and the cancellation of the world Cup. This is what the future predicts for us politicians. The reasons for such changes abound. Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Yemen severed diplomatic relations …

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Venezuela deprived the Russian budget of 54 billion rubles


950 million dollars (54 billion roubles) will not receive the Russian budget due to the fact that Venezuela did not fulfill the obligations to repay debt, according to Life. From the conclusion of the accounting chamber should be that it is almost half the payments on foreign loans that Russia …

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“Pipe economy” ate investment in Russia


The growth of investments in the Russian economy, which in may reported the state statistics service, is for the most part a Chimera: capital investments continue to go into the production and transportation of raw materials and financial sector, service flows “of the economy pipe”. According to Rosstat, during the …

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