Friday , October 20 2017
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Russians buried in debt


The Russians are relentless in MFIs and borrow to pay under a thousand per cent. Moreover, among those who come to microfinance organizations, about 9% have four loans and 15% — three credits. Experts explain this by the fact that Russians have no other way to pay off earlier loans. …

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Russian-American discord went to China for the benefit of


Today, Beijing’s influence in regional energy sector in Europe comparable only with those used by Moscow during the cold war, it was in the pages of the American magazine The National Interest writes a former adviser to George W. Bush at the national security mark Pfeifle. Today, Beijing’s influence in …

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Ignorance as the principle of management of our economic block


The Minister of economic development (although, perhaps it would be better to call him “Minister degradation”). … issued another gem. It seems that the meaning of the existence of liberal Ministers is to divert attention from the monstrous statements of their Prime Minister like “no money, but you hold” and …

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Putin announced the miracle. Economic

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the Minister of economic development Maxim Oreshkin and Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov. The President stressed that Russia’s economy has entered the path of fairly steady growth. However, he noted that a qualitative change in the productivity of …

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Nikolay Travkin: “sing and rejoice, people of Russia”


“The state of the economy Putin Ulyukaev was determined in the same way – the crisis. But the point of the crisis, which at the moment Russia is seen differently. Vladimir Putin – the romantic nature, otherwise would have brought in his time the profession of “cloak and dagger” – …

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The meter is expensive, the population is impoverished


Housing prices rise for second quarter in a row. In Moscow square metre has risen by 2%. Experts explain this trend by reduction of the volume of supply on the market and improved conditions on the mortgage. However, incomes do not have to purchase housing, so even a slight increase …

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Referendum the Kurds: the battle for oil and independence


Iraqi Kurdistan, which controls large reserves of oil, plans on 25 September to hold a referendum on independence. The vote will determine whether the region remains part of Iraq or secede in order to form a new independent state. This event can change the balance of power in the middle …

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