Friday , August 18 2017
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Sanctions have crushed the ruble: oil will not help


The oil continues to rise. The price of Brent crude approached $53 per barrel, but the Russian currency is not helping. The confrontation between Russia and the U.S. will lead to capital outflow from the Russian market and ruble to fall, it would mean the drop rate to 65-68 RUB/USD. …

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The Moscow buildings do not buy, even on credit


At the end of June the specialists of the real estate market has made a rating of Russian cities according to the degree of availability of housing for the population. The cheapest apartments were in Magnitogorsk, Bryansk and Novokuznetsk, where the value “square” in new buildings ranges from 31 to …

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“Skullcap” ruin Belarusian business


In the Belarusian countryside open their shops came from Central Asia, illegal trading in Chinese goods, which is delivered through member countries of the EAEU. The expansion is very rapid and huge difference in prices and ruining Belarusian individual entrepreneurs, and state trade. The invasion of the province It started …

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Russian pilots leave to fly to China


The Federal air transport Agency denied information about the hundreds of Russian pilots working in the Asian airlines. According to the Agency, in 2016 the Chinese companies employed about 80 Russian pilots. — That is common earlier information about three or four hundred Russian pilots, who retired only recently to …

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Housing will not be 10 regions, freeze construction


In Russia freeze. In the first half of the volume of commissioning of new residential meters fell by 11.3%, but in some regions dropped significantly. Reduction of entering residential “squares” experts associated with the economic crisis that has forced developers to halt projects. According to Rosstat, in the first half …

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“We need to see that sign.” Greek dependence on EU


In Greece those who believe that the EU tries to help the country out of deep crisis? Was there any doubt that the European Union, have thrown Greece into this endless debt abyss? What is their total percentage among the inhabitants of the homeland of Zeus and the Olympic games? …

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The bombing of its own economy


The damage from the international scandal over the supply of the Crimea turbines, are produced by technologies of the German company Siemens, it is difficult to overestimate. If you believe the German business press, the story of the turbines is an unprecedented case of fraud of foreign investors at the …

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