Friday , August 18 2017
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The Israeli-Chinese vector, or Why Beijing middle East


Announced the breakup of the US President Donald trump, whose administration came six months ago to the White house and the US state Department, with the foreign policy legacy of his predecessor, Barack Obama included, as we have already had occasion to note, and a radical revision of the course …

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Venezuelan impotence of the Kremlin


“Socialist governments traditionally destroy the finances. They always squander other people’s money”. This famous Margaret Thatcher pretty much describes everything that happened in Venezuela during the presidency of the late Hugo Chavez and his successor Nicolas Maduro. The so-called “Bolivarian socialism” bursting at the seams under the pressure of ever-increasing …

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About the prices it is better not to think


The Russians do not believe in a possible decline in price growth. The Central Bank gave in July an increase in pessimism of our fellow citizens — half of them do not believe in the target of 4% inflation for the year. Pessimism grows as deflation in the last week …

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Putin announced the reduction of pressure on business


Unscheduled inspections should not take longer than 10 days, and they should not be more than 30 percent of the number planned. Need to limit myself checked, and in addition, to adjust the issue with the prolonged maintenance of businessmen under guards – if there is no active investigation, the …

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Trump is considering trade action against China


The administration trump is considering its first major trade action against Beijing, and officials engaged in “serious discussions” about the beginning of the investigation the Chinese authorities regarding intellectual property, under which foreign companies must transfer technology to local subsidiaries and partners. This step, which the Financial Times said sources …

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In spite of America frostbitten myself to the economy?


So, the inevitable struck. The American diplomatic mission in Russia choose real estate and require him to reduce staff. Symmetrical response — because the Russian Embassy in Washington, some of the objects seized another Obama. This is the most harmless that you can imagine. Not symmetric responses are terrible, and …

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Back in the 90s, the Russians were back in the gardens


The Russians do not believe the government promised economic growth using the survival tactics of the 1990-ies — storing edibles with country gardens. At the same time trying to maintain an acceptable standard of living the population of the poorest regions began to take on more consumer loans. Experts say …

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