Friday , July 21 2017
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Developers run out of New Moscow


The first of July this year, New Moscow has officially turned five. The experts found out, in what mood and in what condition the real estate market in the new territories he met his first notable anniversary. Apartment buildings do not allow to breathe Today, within the boundaries of the …

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Shovel from Finland, the rakes of South Africa


Western sanctions on Russia are walking for a long time, but the store is full of imported goods. Not only exclusive but also the most simple things, the creation of which requires neither delicate craftsmen or thoughtful engineers or advanced programmers. They are, apparently, laws do not apply. I can …

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Fracking 2.0: America has announced a second shale gas revolution


In America brewing a second shale revolution, proud to write overseas media. Investment “barkers” promise of unprecedented profits for those “who invest in new projects, despite the recent collapse in this market”. Oil analyst Nick Jobe recalls that many people got rich before bursting shale bubble. Then the shares of …

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The wind blows off Russian gas


Renewable energy world is developing faster hydrocarbon. The European Union by 2020 intends to increase the share of total energy consumption to 20% and gas imports by 2030, reduce by 12%. Due to the reduced domestic production requirements the EU pipe gas from Russia are growing, but in the long …

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Americans can lose the fight on world wheat market


The number of acres on which American farmers grow wheat reached the lowest level since the government first began to record these data in 1919. The number of seeded wheat acres fell by more than 40% from 1919 to about 46 million, but the amount of wheat produced on one …

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Lose close: the US is losing the wheat market


The number of territories in which wheat is grown in the United States fell to record-low numbers (since 1919, when we started recording this data). The number of acres intended for planting wheat American farmers fell by as much as 40%. However, it should be noted that while the increased …

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Without Turkey, football world Cup 2018 Russia will fail


Without Turkish builders to prepare for the football world Cup 2018 Russia will not have time. In the cities that will host matches of group tournament of the world Cup, the timing of delivery of stadiums, hotels and other necessary facilities are already “on the box”, and works there still …

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The West is losing economic value on the world stage


The value of the West in the international arena is rapidly falling. And all this can be explained by the fact that the contribution of the established industrial Nations in the world economy is constantly decreasing. Progress today can be satisfied in a different political-economic camp. In the merger, which …

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