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The parallel worlds of the Russian reality


A parallel reality that exists simultaneously with ours, but independently of it. Fiction or not? For those who want to find the answer to this question, do not have to pore over the works of scientists and science fiction writers. It is enough to visit Russia today. The closer we …

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Why Russia’s economy would crash

All. And, in particular, the level of the required risk premium of equity investments in Russian companies. The level of this award makes the WACC (“Weighted Average Cost of Capital” or “WACC”) for Russian companies is prohibitively high and uncompetitive in a global world and global market. Therefore, in the …

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China will strike a powerful blow to the dollar


  In the near future China plans to launch crude oil futures in yuan, the Chinese currency is pegged to the international price of gold in contrast to the dollar. In early 2018, the number of experts called such a move the first of its kind in the world. This …

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In Russia no longer allowed to raise taxes


In Russia no longer allowed to raise taxes, fees, tariffs. In General it is impossible. I don’t know what it thinks the government is coming up with new fees. I think it is obvious that it is impossible, impossible with more people to rip off penny above what has already …

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CBR see the future of the Russian economy in black color


The expectations of a slowdown in the economic growth of the country almost twice The Central Bank’s forecast for the Russian economy – there are only bad and very bad scenarios The main factor hindering economic growth is the presence of Putin in the presidential chair, however, the report will …

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The grain the curse of Russia: a lot of Bread, and eat stuff


Russia collects a record wheat crop, while the country’s farmers are left with nothing — procurement grain prices are falling rapidly and become relevant production costs. As it happened: the government “inspired” farmers on grain production, but did not provide its export to foreign markets. Now in the Russian grain …

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In Russia, the state robs every second Russian


Researchers at the Center for socio-political monitoring, Institute of social Sciences of Ranepa found out how the Russians treat the current economic policy of the state. As has shown poll, the problems in the economy people associated with “mutual responsibility and corruption”, said the press service of the Ranepa. “In …

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Social obligations are not met


The government is almost ready for submission to the state Duma a draft law on the Federal budget for 2018 and 2019 and 2020. It further considered all the documents at its meeting. At the event it was reiterated that “in any economic environment social obligations will be fulfilled.” Such …

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The budget will refuel petrol: fuel is expensive


Today the government will consider a proposal to increase the excise tax on fuel, said Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov. The increase in excise duties on fuel can occur in two stages: from 1 January and 1 July. This will increase the price of fuel is 60 cents per liter …

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