Sunday , November 19 2017
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In the interests of global business


The growing socio-economic problems of Russia caused not by Western sanctions, cheap oil, not because we have a lot of “alternative gifted” leaders at all levels “power vertical”. The main cause of our problems in that we are led by a “war of extermination” is not only the global capital …

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Make it to 2018


Photo: RIA Novosti The budget for the current year the government proposes to take, based on very optimistic assessments — an average annual oil prices of 50 dollars per barrel. A more realistic assessment of petroleum in 2016 at about $ 40, which means that the expected volume of budget …

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Global food prices fell by 14.5%


In comparison with last year, global food prices fell by 14.5%, according to the Organization for Food and Agriculture of the UN (FAO). The main reason is the decline in oil prices – and therefore fuel costs and transportation.   The price of vegetable oil decreased by 11%, wheat prices …

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Game West funds against the Chinese currency had failed


A few months later from the beginning of the unexpected devaluation of the yuan started to show resistance. Because of this, speculators who bet on a further decline for the currency, resulting in losses. Not paying off during expired options, which would have brought profit to their holders, if the …

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Russia was left without a currency


The decline in energy prices has resulted in a reduction of inflow of currency to Russia until at least the last seven years, says the report of the Bank of Russia on the state of foreign trade.   In January, Russia’s revenues from exports in annual terms fell by 36% …

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The Central Bank has projected Deposit growth of Russians by 15% in 2016


  In the framework of the Russian economic and financial forum in Switzerland, the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Mikhail Sukhov said that the growth rates of deposits of individuals in Russian banks can be 15% by the end of 2016, reports TASS. <iframe id=”AdFox_iframe_945622″ frameborder=”0″ width=”1″ height=”1″></iframe> …

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Bread, salt and oil: how Russia hits record wheat exports


Elena ARAKELYAN Bread quality have plummeted Photo: Victor HUSEYNOV Is it true that we supply a first-class grain in over a hundred countries, and eat low-grade product? Recently the USDA came as a shock to the Russians. He predicted that Russia in the coming year to take the leading position …

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