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Eaten as a legacy fat years


Recently, the argument that people are either contrary to the provisions of the authorities continues to Peter out, or at least and richer, but slower than it is written in the installation documents, became downright official fashion. VTSIOM publishes a survey that found people reporting lack of money for food …

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What saved the Soviet people?


In our age of abundance and diversity it is easy to buy any thing – equipment, furnishings, cars and even homes. For those who have difficulty with large sums of money, to the aid of a variety of credits, loans and installments. And in the Soviet Union to find scarce …

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The Eurasian Union has not passed through customs


Belarus is the loudest of the EAEU countries are outraged by the actions of customs authorities of Russia, which only formally comply with the decision of the EEC Council on the recognition of commodity certificates issued in other countries of the EEU. The real cause of the problem — the …

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Communal ruins of the Russians


From July 1, tariffs for housing and communal services will grow on average by 4%. This increase in the inflation rate, but the Russians tired of the constant increase in the cost of communal. According to opinion polls, about half of citizens believe that the main socio-economic problem. The authorities …

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Bulba Peking


In early July Moscow with official visit the President of China XI Jinping, which, judging by the statements of Beijing, will bring in Whitestone contracts for $ 10 billion. However, the experience of neighboring Belarus shows that the Chinese partners, if you are willing to increase bilateral cooperation, it is …

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The shadow economy in Russia accounts for almost 40% of GDP


Russia at the end of 2016, took fourth place in the list of countries with the largest shadow economy, report of the Association of chartered certified accountants (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, ACCA). Its volume made up 33.55 trillion rubles, or 39,07% of GDP The leader of the rating became …

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There is no money? So you are sitting!


Photo from Google The Central Bank has left its benchmark refinancing rate at 9%. And pretends that he us a big favour. For the entire 25-year history of post-Soviet Russia only twice this base rate was lower, namely, 2009 Russia has completed the refinancing rate of the Central Bank in …

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Future generations will take your money


The national welfare Fund, which was conceived as a “future generations Fund”, is likely to remain with a small set of infrastructure bonds, funds given to the rescue of Vnesheconombank, and bad Ukrainian debt. All liquid assets can be transferred to the Reserve Fund, which will operate under the new …

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The change of the digital economy will equal to TRP


The tests in this discipline will give applicants additional points for admission to the University. In Russia, begin to take measures to promote the digital economy among students. Students in 2020 will have the opportunity to take the test on the knowledge of several disciplines of the Digital economy. Due …

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