Friday , November 17 2017
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Retirement age: the increase, not seem to avoid


According to the former Minister of Finance, head of Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin, the government have no other resources to pay the elderly at least the current modest pension. So he sees no alternative to raising the retirement age in Russia. Kudrin said that in 2016, the government …

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Oil will not feed Russia


The period of low oil prices could be delayed, and global demand for Uglevodorody will decline. In the end, most producing countries except the United States and Saudi Arabia, will face a serious decline in production. In Russia, it could reach nearly 8% by 2025, predicts the International energy Agency. …

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House of cards: wait for bubbles and a new crisis


The Central Bank has reduced inflation to levels below 3%. But experts say that today inflation is not the biggest problem. Raw model of the economy, sanctions, economic policy uncertainty, high taxes and low domestic demand are showing great risks. There is also a danger of “blowing bubbles” in some …

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The Russians go into debt for the sake of Crimea


The Russians tired to save money and want to relax. Although the money is not enough, our citizens do not refuse to travel: and in banks and microfinance organizations record growth in demand for “selling” loans. However, after returning home, the Russians are not eager to pay debts. Almost one …

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Oil and gas, and the ruble… China suddenly puts Russia bandwagon


The sudden reduction in China’s purchases of Russian oil has seriously reduced the ruble. About very disturbing trends in Russia in the Chinese economic policy wrote in LiveJournal analyst Andrew Malgin: A hundred times right, those who called #China uncomfortable and tough negotiator. Even desperate for any product or resource, …

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The fears were justified: the ruble will fall by year-end


The expectations of the Russians, who recently spoke about the feeling of “overvalued” exchange rate, began to come true. Despite the fact that the Russian currency “sways” from side to side and from time to time, the ruble is growing, the whole “wood” started the traditional year-end “way down”. In …

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The ordinary consumer is coming to the line


People in Russia have only just begun to feel the real effects of the economic crisis 2014-15, said the head of CEPR Nikolay Mironov. Russia has sharply increased the number of protests — in the third quarter of 2017, compared to the first quarter, which is 60 percent more. Show …

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An agreement with the crooks


Well, tell me why, because any logic to transfer billions of dollars to some needy country where it is known that the hopes for a return on invested and never will be? I have only one explanation. Embezzlement. For starters, those who dispose of the national finances, find overseas thieves …

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Brazilian passion: the ruble falls after oil


The ruble began to fall after the price of oil. An unexpected blow to the national currency came from Brazil, which has refused to join the deal on production cuts OPEC+. Experts believe that the national currency may soon fall in price to 60 rubles per dollar. After oil quotations …

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