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Economy simple family Russian: keep it up!

Экономика простой семьи российской: так держать!

“The man who eats more than he needs robs the country and Putin in particular”. V. Yakimenko, the former head of Rosmolodezh

In Soviet times the authorities promised us prosperity, and now – the growth of poverty. Hence this all the more topical in the Russian province dialogue on the family budget:

– Mom, can we have this month buy a piece of meat beef? So you want ASE tartare!

– Son, well how do you say: this month we’ll buy a fish on a monthly carvery lunch. The beef was just six months ago. And what you don’t like Rolton with beef flavor? Well, what stomach pain and blood throat. God is patient and told us.

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Daddy will take the credit to the car via a toll road to get to Moscow and bring us some money. Maybe you don’t even have to walk to school, for a week can you a travel charge.

This month my dad earned so much that we’re even in an apartment will include electricity and disassemble the plug from the sewer!

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There’s a lady lying in the stairwell under the stairs is hungry, go blow her stale crust of bread that is not bent. After all, she this month has paid all bills for utilities!

And the cat we still have to eat, it came tax this year, it is necessary to pay 5 thousand. And surveillance authorities say a pet that ran away. Easier 1000 fine to pay than the tax.

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