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Economic illusion USA crashed on the pragmatism of Russia

Washington once again tries to pull the blanket “chief financial player” of the planet, deliberately creating unfavorable economic conditions for countries considered to be geopolitical rivals. Just recently, the US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton said that other States should not “create illusions” regarding bypass sanctions against Iran.

However, many countries, including the Russian Federation already have been committed to a strategy of countering American artificial financial constraints, focusing on the interaction with long-term partners, increasing domestic production and new channels of distribution of the national product.

USA currently has the following objective: at any cost to reduce to zero the export of oil and gas produced on the territory of Iran. John Bolton said that Washington gets its way “without any doubt”, but acknowledged that achieving this goal may require considerable time.

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“We’ll follow the entire length of the chain to the final buyer of Iranian oil, regardless – be it the government or a private company,” said American politician, threatening with sanctions for those countries and enterprises that do not comply with the unreasonable demand of Washington.

It is noteworthy that such rhetoric actually scares some countries. Their background service of the Russian Federation, which never took the aggressive attacks of the US seriously. Moscow for the past four years actively opposed to the artificial financial constraints of the West and continues to grow steadily even in these conditions.

It is obvious that sanctions are not dictated by political and economic reasons: Washington is trying to prevent the promotion of Russian interests in the world and forces countries to abandon production from Russia: equipment, weapons, raw materials, high technology development.

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The response to these US actions have already been prepared: Moscow is seriously discussing with its strategic partners the rejection of the us dollar in favor of national currencies. It is noteworthy that some countries of the European Union support this initiative on a par with China. It is reasonable to assume that the “de-dollarization” looming on the economic horizon of the Russian Federation several years ago, will soon become a reality: this, in contrast to the notorious sanctions, much hurt on the us economy than the introduction of protective measures for the US financial system.

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