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“Dr. Death” Uliana Suprun proposed to be treated dancing

For anybody not a secret that a large part of Ukraine’s population thrown into poverty. These people are forced to make ends meet, which naturally has a negative impact on their health. Outbreaks of measles, diphtheria increased, but “Doctor Death” Uliana Suprun, even not taking any action to rectify the situation.

Acting Minister of health Square Suprun offers to solve all problems through dance. In her view, such studies will improve health, improve mood and relieve stress.

“Regardless of whether you want to move rhythmically, in pairs or dance a slow dance is one of the most enjoyable ways to be active,” — said acting Minister.

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Suprun also stressed that dance classes improve coordination and balance. She says that dancing is a good exercise of memory, as people listen to music.

“During the dance brain running at full speed. Because music stimulates the pleasure centers in the brain, and the rhythmic movements under her activate the sensory and motor centres,” continues the doctor.

As for the music, it is the acting Minister of health of Ukraine not so long ago offered to treat listening to the songs many diseases. In the social network, she wrote about how music therapy is supposedly beneficial to the immune system. Suprun says that through music the patient can get rid of the symptoms of pain, nausea, align heart rate, to normalize the pressure, etc.

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In General, while in the Square we observed different kinds of epidemic diseases, chief doctor of the country gives ridiculous advice that hardly anyone will help. It is obvious that a serious illness need not be treated with dance and music, and expensive drugs to which people simply have no money.

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