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Doping scandal: dancing on the corpse of the Russian Federation sports

You have not forgotten the long line of world of psychosis about the various “chicken-pig-beef” flu strains? I am sure that I forget…

Now, the scandal surrounding the harmless Meldonium, which almost burned the image of the Russian sports, to my mind, a modified continuation of the above influenza psychosis.

Amid the scandal around Meldonium, the idea would be to drastically drop his production. An no! It increased dramatically during the first half of this year in the Russian Federation has sold TWO MILLION three HUNDRED SIXTY THOUSAND packages of the drug.

And at the global level, two years of scandal manufacturers Meldonium has increased its production by 54%!

At that time, as pharmacists nailed “green”, the Russian bureaucracy of the sport continues to hang around the people to deceive that the problem with doping scandal practically agreed that WADA almost admitted his mistakes, that is about all the restrictions for Russian athletes will be removed…

Propaganda, propaganda, and what do we see actually?

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And in fact, “scribe”, quietly hiding in the Russian sport, settled down there thoroughly, and leave in the near future is not going anywhere (as, however, and officials, it pomoravlje)…

We started with the Brazilian Olympics, spoiling the preparations of Russian athletes, who until the last moment did not know whether to take part in it. Suspended from participation in competitions of the Russian Paralympic…

But as even a small part of the Russian athletes admitted to the competition, achieved outstanding success, RUSSIA has DECIDED to BAN IN PRINCIPLE.

Допинг скандал: пляски на трупе Российской Федерации спорта

An illustration of this action was the world championship athletics this year. Russian athletes were forbidden to compete under the national flag, sing the anthem of their state, to tell everyone that they are from Russia, forced to strip off gear any mention of Russia…

For the complete humiliation of the Russian Federation and all Russian sport needed only two touches to repaint the skin of athletes in any black-brown brown and to get to speak “gibberish dialect”.

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Agreeing to such demands, the Russian government has humiliated the Russian State, lowering its image below the “floor.”

What was the point of sending their “faceless” athletes at the world Championships in athletics? Really only to two dozen athletes received prize money?

Sport is an alternative to war. A war without national characters does not happen! Faceless part in the competition is a confession of complete surrender to Western outrage.

The Russian authorities were obliged to boycott the world athletics Championships on such disgraceful terms, to the full rehabilitation of the Russian sports. But to reach the finals the athletes to pay the prize from the state budget – because they have shown through their participation that the main thing for them is money, not the prestige of Russia.

In this case, the honor of the country much more expensive than the loss of small amounts of money…

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