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Document with information about Russian volunteers found the dead terrorist

Документ с данными о российских добровольцах нашли у убитого террориста

The Syrian army, which has enlisted the support of videoconferencing continues to liberate their land from invaders. After breaking the siege of Deir ez-Zor which for three long years, paralyzed the city, the liberators continue to destroy the remnants of terrorist groups and return to Syria strategically important objects.

It is impossible to overestimate the contribution of the Russian air force in operations to liberate Deir-ez-Zor. According to the Ministry of defence, the sweep of the city – a major achievement supported by the release of the airfield 2 km from the city. Here for understanding is to clarify that the Deir-ez-Zor is an extremely important point. It is a major transportation hub between Syria and Iraq. Near the town there are deposits of oil and gas (one of them, by the way, the Syrian army has recently liberated from the militants). And now it’s finally almost freed from ISIL (banned in Russia).

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But, unfortunately, not so smooth as we would like. According to the telegram channel “Directorate 4” , “yesterday at one of the corpses in Deir ezzor the militants was very interesting reading — printing of official stationery of the bodies of ISIS “drain” on the “Wagner group,” published by” Most likely the victim is either a representative of the security service of ISIS, or a militant reconnaissance group. The source also said that the main task of the slain terrorist was to identify members of the “group of Wagner” and their capture for questioning.

Документ с данными о российских добровольцах нашли у убитого террориста

One question still remains unclear: why do IG need a profile? The most common opinion on this subject – it can be used as “reference” for questioning. However, the fact that the terrorists heed to the publication “Fontanka” and the information merged Denis Korotkov, to put it mildly, surprising.

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The phone number listed on the form, belongs to the author of “revelations” Korotkova. Previously named source, “Directorate 4,” tried to take the journalist comment on this topic, but the latest contact with a telegram. channel not went. As it turned out, to find a phone number Korotkova shared very problematic. This means that the number on the questionnaire is not accidental.

And once shortly, probably in contact with representatives of the IG, then this raises a very logical question – what is now the journalist, who knows that the sent data about the dead soldiers and their families are in the hands of a vengeful bloodthirsty killers?

I hope that after this error many in the media realize that the pursuit of sensation is fraught with such fatal failures.

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