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Dmitry Svishchev: CAS has been under pressure

Дмитрий Свищев: на CAS было оказано давление

Member of the State Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Dmitry Svishchev commented on the decision of Sports arbitration court rejected the claims 47 Russian athletes. The MP believes that the court was pressured.

Member of the State Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Dmitry Svishchev explained the decision of CAS pressure from the IOC. “Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario, which could be present, embodied, our athletes will not be able to participate in the Olympics, it was an unprecedented tough decision. I think that was affected by the pressure of the IOC, the last statement of Thomas Bach (IOC President), individual members of the Committee, Olivier Niggli of WADA. The pressure was on all parties and the judge could not resist, sorry”. – Fistula Interfax. “What about the human rights in Europe are we talking about? They are not there, we see that to defend the interests of other people, unfortunately, it is a fact. Was a “ray of sunshine” when CAS was acquitted of 28 Russians, but now they went back on their word,” he added.

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The main coach of the Russian Luge albert Demchenko calmly took the refusal of the CAS appeals 47 Russians-admission to the Games “Calmly accepted this decision. To Bach’s statements about the need to reform CAS had hoped, but after his words, I will have to wait for something is not the best. Further steps are likely to be”, — Demchenko told RIA Novosti. Albert Demchenko will remain in Pyeongchang and will work with Russian athletes.

The head coach of the national team of Russia on ski Markus Kramer commented on the verdict of the court of arbitration for Sport to dismiss the claims 47 Russian athletes. Kramer called the decision crazy.”What can I say, I’m very upset for the athletes who will not be able to come here. And I don’t understand this decision, because CAS has previously acquitted of the athletes, said that the not proven charges in Sochi. And now says: “Sorry, but you can’t come to the Olympics”. Can’t understand this decision. On the one hand, they have done nothing bad, and with another – are unable to come to the Games. This is crazy. It is extremely bad not only for our athletes but for the whole world of sports”, – quotes the words of Kramer RIA Novosti. The Game invites not received skiers Sergey Ustyugov, Gleb Zealous, Alexander Legkov, Maxim Vylegzhanin, Evgeniy Belov, Alexander Bessmertnykh, Evgenia Shapovalova and Natalia Matveeva

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