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Dmitry Potapenko: what to do with 10 million roubles. Translate them into dollars and do not take the head

Дмитрий Потапенко: что делать с 10 млн руб? Переведите их в доллары и не морочьте голову

About who sent angry text messages during the “Straight line” the President, about the police officers who must behave “like a man”, and why the emigration of Khodorkovsky and Chichvarkin is bad for Russian business, talked with a well-known businessman Dmitry Potapenko.

Big Business Fan Festival (Big Business Fun Festival) in Sestroretsk completes its work today. For three days the festival was visited by thousands of representatives of the business community from Russia and other States.

One of the participants of the festival was the well-known Russian businessman Dmitry Potapenko. Recall that in 2015 he became famous thanks to its fiery performance at the Moscow economic forum, which sharply criticized the authorities ‘ attitude to business. Open Studio Internet channel [Fontanka.Office], which all these days was working on the site of the business of the festival, talked with Dmitry Potapenko, the “Direct line” of Vladimir Putin, economic prospects for the country’s future President and new forms of anti-corruption protests.


Дмитрий Потапенко: что делать с 10 млн руб? Переведите их в доллары и не морочьте голову

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– Dmitry, two days ago you were in the Studio, from which Vladimir Putin spoke to the people. What led You there, and what are your impressions?

– My task was to ask Vladimir Putin a question, however, that I do not give. The questions were agreed in advance and distributed. It was obvious that all this is orchestrated production. The most vivid impression from the “Straight line” President’s message, which was displayed on the screen. (During the broadcast of the Direct line of the President on the screen was displayed a few in their content of SMS messages. For example, “All Russia believes that you sat on the throne”, “Maybe you’re tired and you need rest?” etc. – approx. “Fontanka”). However, the most rigid and impartial of them on TV still not shown. Operators who removed the President, this time moved on to other plans, and saw it only some of these angry messages. I hope the organizers of the “Straight line” will not come for this history. And the people who sent these texts, I can understand. They have no other way to reach power.

– So you think that the appearance on the screen of these messages is still a coincidence? Or people deliberately allowed to blow off steam?

– I understand that when receiving SMS messages worked auto predmoderatsiya, which excluded obscenities and personal insults. I think that the organizers of the “Straight line” just didn’t expect it to be this amount of negativity.


– And you what issue came to the Studio?

Usually during such events people give big promises from the series “all the women of the man, all men, women, and wages under a thousand dollars.” So I wanted to ask the President, where all of this money? I do not clear the source of funding of state programs. We have 20 years of talking about what our economy depends on oil and gas. But what has been done to change the situation? Over the years other countries have several times managed to turn their economies, to modernize them. The world has undergone an economic revolution, and we haven’t done anything. Many, once they hear the word “revolution” immediately begin to think about independence, but I’m talking about a revolution in the control system, which is essential in the development of the economy. Our authorities continue to sit and wait for the “rebound” of oil, and the transition to a new economic structure, which the President says (in the course of the Petersburg International economic forum Vladimir Putin said about the necessity of transition to “digital economy” – approx. “Fontanka”), it is absolutely impossible in such an archaic control system.

– What is the main problem of the existing system?

For our control system typical of tribal relations, in which no evolution is possible. There are many development programs, but it is not implemented none of them. I would like to see the President outlined a clear plan of action. Thus in the direct line were told only that they will work. So they are already 17 years. Totally common words.

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You continue your political activities? (At the last Duma elections, Dmitry Potapenko supported Boris Titov and ran for the state Duma from the Party of growth of Kaliningrad 97 single-member constituency – approx. “Fontanka”). Somehow will participate in the upcoming elections?

– I am in General of the political Council of the “party of Growth”. On June 17 we will have a conference where we will discuss issues related to the presidential and gubernatorial elections. I am often asked about my political ambitions. Some even encouraged me to run for presidency, but we want to disappoint our fellow citizens. It is not as technologically complex and expensive process. Very expensive. I remember being “torpedoed” in Kaliningrad, I was “elegantly quenched” to include the full extent of the administrative resource. We worked nights, laid out in full.

– So you do not recommend businesses to go into politics? What are the risks? An example of Khodorkovsky is still encouraged businessmen to think a hundred times before to engage in serious political activity?

In the policy, which went to Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the climb really dangerous. Regarding his candidature for the elections to the state Duma, it is, I would say, melkotravchatomu policies and risks here are average. The state Duma is only 450 lawyers, who were chosen out of eight thousand applicants.


Дмитрий Потапенко: что делать с 10 млн руб? Переведите их в доллары и не морочьте голову

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– A history Chichvarkin – it’s not about politics? (Yevgeny Chichvarkin is a businessman and former owner of the network “Euroset”, currently resides in London – approx. “Fontanka”).

Is about the administrative pressure and financial “squeezing” of the business. I am very sorry that we from year to year we lose a lot of business people who are leaving Russia. Here you can mention a talented entrepreneur, restaurateur Mikhail Zelman, with whom we collaborated, and Eugene Chichvarkin, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. By the way, I do not consider the situation with Khodorkovsky separately from the era in which we lived. He’s facing many charges, but do others not do the same? Then it put all, or somehow decide. And, in General, people who have done much for the country, much created, not just engaged in mortgaging auctions as it is now presented.

– That is the outcome of the business from Russia continues? What about criminal cases against entrepreneurs? The number of such cases grows?

– In the office of the Ombudsman noted that the number of such criminal cases have decreased like-for-like (that term in the retail network business means assessing the growth or decline of the company’s revenues compared to the previous period – approx. “Fontanka”) by 5 %, but their number is still huge: a year is raised from 200 to 250 thousand criminal cases against entrepreneurs. As for the mass Exodus of businessmen abroad, the number of such entrepreneurs is difficult to calculate. In my experience I can say that from year to year the number of those who I help to start a business abroad is growing. And the fact is that the country is growing negative. The President in our country is forced to personally resolve issues with charging someone where ten thousand rubles. So we must clearly recognize that our government can not cope with their tasks. Our system is built so that in order for something to happen, the President must give any other responsible person podzhopnik. Suppose I am the head of the dining room. You come to me and say: you Have not removed! Am I supposed to do? To call the janitor to give him a scolding and force to restore order? But it also means that it is not cleaner, and I do not work. This means that I as a Manager have built a system that is not working. And it’s my responsibility.

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– If to speak directly, mean your words that the Russian President does not work?

This means that it does not perform its function. But it is important to stress that I’m talking about function and not about the person. All pray for a specific person. This is absolutely not true. For me, as someone who saw the funeral of four leaders – Brezhnev, Chernenko, Andropov and Yeltsin, the President is primarily a function of.

– What you need to do for this function to work?

– For this you need civil society. Now it is not. People are ready to go for any populist. And with all the love and respect of many of our fellow citizens for Mr Putin, who, I must say, made the country very many meaningful and important things you need to understand that it is not eternal. The President still will change sooner or later, but the change of name of the head of state must occur on the background of changes in the system. Because when Putin will leave, and the system will remain the same, the country will reap very bad things: the left turn, nationalists and junta in uniform. This mixture will be hellish.


Дмитрий Потапенко: что делать с 10 млн руб? Переведите их в доллары и не морочьте голову

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– That is not the case in the specific names?

– You are absolutely right. If the conditional Bulk to put at the head of the existing system without the right change will increase even more terrifying.

– Since we are talking about Bulk, I want to remind that last year in the Studio of the Internet channel [Fontanka.Office] you said that you didn’t see Russia as a protest of youth. Is it possible to say that a year later, this young people come from?

On 12 June I was in Moscow. His eyes saw the arrest. It’s a meter away from me happened. I would like a purely peasant to turn to the guys in uniform. Guys! You tell me honestly, when you four healthy foreheads impenetrable protection, get some College, pioneer, brat – is this normal? And the second case for comparison, about Kratovo arrow with 200 people several hours trying to smoke out the bandit with the rifle. Feel the difference? You are definitely law enforcement officers? Our defenders? Or the muggers? And orders not need to hide behind! As for the youth and protest, I understand perfectly well why the young take to the streets. The authorities spit on them. Their power is very much lowered. There is no social mobility. By the way, this problem and police concerns. Most of them will be a lifetime standing in the cordon. However, I would not say that this is purely a youth protest. I saw a lot of protesters at the age of.

– As part of the Bulk in the organization of these protests what do you think?

– The authorities it is convenient to think that the protest is some kind of leader, but in this digital age of protest is in the nature of the blockchain. Many believe that Navalny is someone out there brought on the area, but it is not so. We need to stop praying for a single leader and clearly understand that each of us is a leader.

– Let’s finish the interview with some practical advice. For example, where would you in the current situation, were advised to invest, say, 10 million rubles?

– Translate them into dollars and not to fool his head.

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