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Dmitry Potapenko: we have 25 years get up from his knees, but somehow lie face into the nearest puddle

Дмитрий Потапенко: мы 25 лет встаем с колен, но почему-то лежим мордой в ближайшей луже

Managing partner of Management Development Group Inc. Dmitry Potapenko recently spoke at the Business Forum “Strategy 2017”, which gave its forecast for Russian business in the near future.

Journalists portal Rusbase saw Dmitry Potapenko and recorded the most striking of his statements, which, as always, were many.

1. If I were in Somalia, I would say that they have the most efficient economy. 4 buy a Kalashnikov for $ 300, Barkas per thousand and press the tanker for a few million.

2. The figures we have are wonderful, we kind of expect some growth. You only have to answer a stupid question: what the last 25 years of this not happening?

3. Open the textbook of the 7th class, called “the Relationship of the tribal leaders.” This is exactly what is happening.

4. In some tribes, to which we as entrepreneurs don’t have a relationship, you have accumulated a number of trinkets. It’s true. And they don’t know where to put them.

5. Earlier, when the economy is not moving, the normal bureaucratic business was this: the money from the budget repulsed, built a shopping center and make money on it.

6. To talk about investments in the Russian Federation is meaningless. Yes, the money is there. But to invest in production — the most hopeless, that is in Russian.

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7. The money should be invested to return. We need to invest in sales. All admit that sales are falling.

8. The amount of merchandise that we buy in the stores, we drop the last 2 years. This was not even in the so-called 90s gangster.

9. It is important to the client that some [nonsense, approx.ed.] you will buy it. Now all the entrepreneurs with whom I meet, saying that the customer generally buys nothing. Under any circumstances.

10. Foreign exchange reserves can be added turrets, because they do not what to invest.

11. We are afraid to admit that 3 years ago there was a serious thing. In simple terms: the man blown off his feet. Economy half did not.

12. I doubt that after man tore off his legs, he thinks about Nike sneakers.

13. Tribal leaders need to find the second economy. The second Rosneft, Gazprom second. Find second foreign exchange earnings.

14. I listen to stories about how we are respected in the world, and very glad I don’t do politics.

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15. When we talk about investments: they are not, never was and never will be.

16. The challenge of today’s entrepreneur can’t breathe in sand, and the sand under water. Try to hide to the maximum, in order not to fall under the distribution.

17. None of the officials do not have to change.

18. It’s been 25 years of modern Russia. We have not conducted a single product.

19. Dear entrepreneurs, dive into the sand. The less you Shine, the better for you.

20. Two years ago, there were 50 non-tariff charges, now they are 70. Since last Monday the [date of performance 27 Dec 2016 approx.ed.] the founder is responsible for all tax issues of General Directors. Last week women can’t buy nichiporovka coat. And from January 1, drones your children if they are more than 200 grams, must be RFID-tagged. All this, of course, to support the Russian economy.

21. We have 25 years get up from his knees, but somehow lie face into the nearest puddle.

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