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Despite the climate, we are good here: Putin’s influence on the development of the North-West of Russia

Несмотря на климат, нам тут хорошо: влияние Путина на развитие Северо-Запада РФ

North-West Russia – a strategically important district, because it pass the border with a number of other States. Residents of oblasts in the North-Western Federal district (SZFO), often came to visit for travelers in neighboring countries, local businesses often organize overseas sales or delivery. Citizens of the neighboring States, in turn, also are frequent guests on the land of Leningrad region and St. Petersburg, Karelia and Kaliningrad, Pskov, Veliky Novgorod and Vologda, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions, Nenets and Komi Republic. That is what the Europeans see in their trips to Russia, the international community makes conclusions about the situation in our country. In addition, there are major trade route linking Russia with the European community. And mutual integration contributes to well-being of all participants in economic processes, establishing international relations on the continent. That is why it is important to pay special attention to the development of the northwestern Federal district.

This need the President of Russia Vladimir Putin systematically implements, setting an example to local authorities and charging the government to develop measures to improve the economic situation in a particular area. Even in the first days of the coming 2018, the President held a meeting with his Plenipotentiary representative in the northwestern Federal district Alexander Beglov. Together they were able to discuss successes and problems of the regions and outline a plan to further improve the socio-economic situation.

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 Несмотря на климат, нам тут хорошо: влияние Путина на развитие Северо-Запада РФ

Thanks to the personal attention of the President to the development of the northwestern Federal district, only in recent years significantly increased the production of agricultural products. Most land in the northwestern Federal district located in the zone of risky agriculture. However, the increase of crops, selection of crops and varieties, able to endure the capricious climate of the region, led to the growth of crops. In the North-West is grown of 8% of potatoes from the entire national harvest and 11% flax. Doubled the number in pig and in poultry it is 8% of the total in the country. District able to meet their own needs and to sell in the neighboring County poultry, pork, agriculture, the famous Vologda butter and Karelian fish.

Несмотря на климат, нам тут хорошо: влияние Путина на развитие Северо-Запада РФ

Despite the fact that the population of the North-West is 9.5% of the total number of Russian citizens, due to their high density, the region is almost not affected by the unemployment. Partly due to the presence of large automotive Assembly plants, partly because of the mining operations and construction of port in Ust-Luga, transport infrastructure, linking it with other regions of the country, you can always find something to suit their taste and income.

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In addition, in the NWFD develops woodworking, district is a leader in the field of shipbuilding. Due to increasing year after year the state defense orders, was able to increase production of boats and ships in 3-4 times in just 3-4 years! In General, the shipbuilding industry of the northwestern Federal district has brought over this period, about 150 billion rubles of profit, the order backlog are projects for another 600 billion.

The assessment of President Putin’s possible to put high: literacy policies for the development of regions, constant attention to the socio-economic situation in the North-West Federal district improve the quality of life of the population, the emergence of new opportunities for growth and confidence in the future.

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