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Deputy Emelianenko broke his jaw

Заместителю Емельяненко сломали челюсть

Vice-President of the MMA Union of Russia Radmir Gabdullin was urgently hospitalized in Moscow after a conflict with the fighter Gadzhimurad Hiramagomedov that occurred at the tournament Fight Nights Global 65 in Astana.

Mixed martial arts fighter (MMA) hajimurad of Hiramagomedov, acting in the weight category up to 77.1 per kg, lost a split decision to George Kichigin in the fight for the title of champion organizations Fight Night at the tournament held in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Immediately after the fight in the hotel room of the Vice-President of the MMA Union of Russia Radmir Gabdullin between Hiramagomedov and functionary the conflict broke out, during which the latter suffered serious injuries.

According to some, in the beating was also attended by the brother of the athlete Gamzat Hiramagomedov, who is a bronze medalist of the championship of Russia in combat Sambo, master of sports of Russia. It also acts in the organization’s Fight Night.

It is reported that they broke into the room of the writer, after hajimurad felt that the Deputy Fedor Emelianenko influenced the opinion of the referees the title match.

Also in the media appeared information about the fact that law enforcement has an entry with CCTV cameras, which can be seen as brothers Hermalopezw come into the room to the Vice-President of the MMA Union of Russia.

Immediately after the arrival to Moscow Gabdullin was urgently hospitalized. As reported by the wife of the functionary Daria Ivanova, her husband received a double fracture of the jaw, and a concussion.

“The condition is serious, the club arrived in Moscow. After the flight was worse, he had a double fracture of the jaw and a concussion.

Today it extra hospitalitynet” — quoted Ivanov TASS.

The head of fight club “Stronghold”, which represents the Hiramagomedov, Magomed Kadiev said that the fighter after the incident, was arrested by the police. Against him already filed an administrative case.

“Yesterday I went to St. Petersburg to fight Oleg Borisov, but hajimurad is not yet connected. But there is such information, what has been a very unpleasant experience. They have long internal conflict. President Fight Night Kamil Gadzhiev said in the room of them the incident occurred.

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Supposedly Gabdullin said the victory gave Kichigino, a similar situation was in the championship of Russia”, — said the girl.

“After the championship of Russia, I said we were all cooked in the same mess, and the conflict was settled. In Kazakhstan, the club first appeared and has deleted itself from the list of judges, and then, as confirmed by some sources, said to give the victory to the other side. Now hajimurad in Astana, was “administrativka”, but he’s already released”, — said Kadiev.

Later, the Manager Fight Night Kamil Gadzhiev stated that the organization fired Hermalopezw because of this incident.

“We don’t know all the circumstances, but this case has gone beyond just sport. We know that there was a conflict situation. Of course, we dismiss Hermalopezw. Will no longer work with him,” said Hajiyev.

The agreement of the fighter with the organization for two years, for which he was to hold six games.

The hiramagomedov is a two-time world champion in MMA among fans, the double champion of Russia and Cup of Russia. In the asset of a fighter with five wins and two defeats in his professional career.

In turn, Gabdullin was also involved in mixed martial arts and was part of the Red Devil team under the guidance of coach Vladimir Voronov, who is also the mentor of the famed Russian fighter Fedor Emelianenko.

Gabdullin was appointed as the first Vice-President of the MMA Union of Russia after the post of the President of the organization was reelected Fedor Emelianenko.

The functionary in charge of the interests of the regions (Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Ingushetia, Chechnya, Dagestan, Kemerovo and Novosibirsk regions, Krasnoyarsk Krai). And is also Chairman of the jury of the Union of the mixed single combats of Russia.

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One of the best Russian MMA fighters Alexander Shlemenko in conversation with the correspondent “Газеты.Ru” he expressed surprise at the fact that Gabdullin has rendered the aggressor a decent response. According to the interlocutor, Fight Night made the right decision to dismiss Hermalopezw because his act denigrates the reputation of the entire team.

“It is strange that the Hiramagomedov won the Night and he was unable to give him a fitting rebuff, because he is also a former professional fighter —

said Shlemenko. — They say that Hiremagalur helped his brother? Now that’s more like it. Alone the Club would be unable to beat.

I believe that in this incident it is necessary to take serious measures.

It’s not just the man beaten, is Vice-President of the MMA Union, which Hiremagalur must have helped, given the fighting and organized tournaments where this soldier fought.

And this attitude – I don’t know…

Of course, still need to watch the fight itself: whether there is some zasilanie? I want to say that this really occurs, but to take tough action, until the beating, the more together, if this is confirmed, is too much. Like should be hard to stop. Of course, I believe that a fighter should not afford this. It’s even the sport does not apply. I think this is more of a household situation, but don’t know exactly what they are there for the conflict.

I think the President announced Fight Night Gadzhiyev’s dismissal Hermalopezw the right decision. First, such an act of a soldier denigrates the honor of the whole team Fight Night because they are against such measures. Secondly, as far as I know, this organization is close with the MMA Union, the same Night, Fedor Emelianenko. So what is the behavior of the fighter for them all unacceptable.”

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