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Demand to restore constitutional order

Требуем восстановить конституционный строй

The Church entered into politics and education, once again we roll into medieval feudalism. Again in the revived Russian Orthodox Inquisition under a new name “an insult of feelings of believers”. Maintenance of the Church from the state budget annually spent billions, which is a violation of the Constitution: according to the calculations of RBC, in 2012-2015, the Russian Orthodox Church and related entities received from the budget and from the state associations a minimum of 14 billion rubles only in the new version of the budget by 2016, provided 2.6 billion rubles.

Our constitutional rights have been violated, we now see that the Church in Russia is de facto not separated from the state. We, the taxpayers, do not want to contain the Church! The Russian Orthodox Church should pay taxes! Down with the priests of the secular schools! Down with the theology of the universities! We want to live in a secular state! Religious education is a crime against children! Secular ethics gives children the high moral education, which does not need religious obscurantism. Religious morality is outdated and does not meet modern society.

Religion at all times has been and remains a brake on science. That is why Thomas Jefferson made fun of religion and rightly declared, “the Professor of theology has no place in our University”. Many scholars who care about the scientific Statute of their institutions, oppose the teaching of theology in universities. The scientific community urgently needs to consolidate and take measures to eliminate pseudoscience from public education.

Theology is no object and subject of research is “pseudo-science about nothing” a mockery of philosophy and science. For comparison, take the most criticized area for its doubtful scientific – psychology. Nevertheless, psychology in the broad sense is the study of the human psyche. Psyche exists, its manifestations are recorded by scientific methods. In theology there are no theoretical proof, not to mention empirical methods. Supernatural forces do not exist in our world, they have no place in nature. If the Ministry of education do not understand, then shame on this Ministry!

Theology, like astrology or fortune telling tea leaves, as the doctrine of the spaghetti monster, elves or brownies, is only a fantasy. If such teachings have infiltrated the public education system, it is a shame not only for the Ministry, it’s a shame for the whole country!

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Theology cannot obtain the status of scientific or philosophical area, because, firstly, the theology presented a set of someone’s fantasies, and second, theology does not go through the principle of falsification of Popper, in the third place, theology by definition is superfluous entity according to the “Occam’s razor”.

The place of theology in the ecclesiastical seminaries, and if it is present in public institutions, it is always a sign of clericalism – the degradation of the education system, the decline of culture in General, decadence. In economic terms, any interference of the Church in social life involves a useless waste of budget, exploitation and a mockery of taxpayers.

We don’t want to contain pseudo parasites!

Theology in any case should not be confused with religious studies. Religious studies a strictly scientific knowledge of the area, includes studies of the Genesis of religion and partly represents the philosophy of religion. In the program of public education can be philosophy of religion, religious studies, which are based on evidence and the scientific method.
Theology and religion are identical, there is no difference, the only difference is that religion is a set of myths and dogmas, and theology – the attempt of representatives from religions to form his own pseudo-science based on this set of myths and dogmas.

Religious person, the average man believes in silence, does not claim the laurels in the scientific world, does not live at the expense of taxpayers, and pseudo-scientists, without bringing any benefit to science, get paid only for their fantasies.

Parents are tired to protect my children from religious indoctrination in schools, it needs to stop and the President must restore respect for the Constitution. People’s patience is not elastic. Save secular Russia and will not allow the revolutionary tides of history!

The President questions that were not allowed on the air in a straight line:

1. When the Church pays taxes?
2. When the Church separated from the state and restore the constitutional regime in Russia?
3. When the Church withdraws from school education?
4. When will you remove the pseudo-science “theology” of the schools?
5. When the Church will cease to interfere in art?
6. When the Church will cease to meddle in politics?
7. Why do I the taxpayer have to include the clergy?
8. Why luxurious life of the Russian Orthodox Church stand out billions from the state budget?
9. When believers are to build their temples at their own expense?
10. Why keep Russia on the path of Nicholas 2, which we have already passed?

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To restore constitutional order and secular state, urgently need:

1. To cancel Church law “an insult of feelings of believers”, which in fact is a substitution of concepts of “blasphemy” and “Inquisition” so that people could freely criticize the Church and religion. In a secular state can be just an article about the insult of the person without privilege on the basis of religion.
2. To eliminate from the program of professional education pseudoscientific subject of theology.
3. To eliminate from the school of education religious teachings called “the fundamentals of Orthodox culture”, which is a substitution of concepts, based on a Church document dated 09.12.1999, No. 5925, paragraph 7, which clearly says: “If you meet difficulties with teaching the basics of Orthodox dogma call the course “Fundamentals of Orthodox culture”, it does not cause objections from teachers and Directors, educated in the atheistic basis.
4. To stop the distribution of state and other property in the possession of the Church, to return all objects in the property of the state, as it was before 1991, cease to allocate money in favor of the ROC from the budget; recover back on the basis of the Constitution, all the amount, how much was spent on the maintenance of the ROC for the period from 1991 to the present. Or create a law and tax the Church must return public funds to the penny.

Demand to restore constitutional order!

This petition will be delivered:
The Minister of education
Vasilyeva Olga
The State Duma
Volodin Vladimir
The President of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

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