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Czech astronomers: the world is in danger, a huge asteroid could destroy the planet

Чешские астрономы: мир в опасности, огромный астероид может уничтожить планету

In 1869, astronomers first described the Taurid meteor shower is observed in September — December. It is believed that it is formed of remnants of the comet Encke is named after who discovered it, Johann Franz Encke. He predicted its appearance in 1819, and in 1822 the comet was exactly called an astronomer.

Like other comets, comet Encke on each pass in the direction of the Sun is gradually destroyed. Today, the diameter of the comet according spacecraft “Deep Impact” is about 4.8 km and 85% of the mass of the comet is lost. The shards coming for her train in kilotons of ice and rocks, forming a meteor shower Taurid.

Tauride consist of two branches — Southern and Northern Taurid. The maxima of the activities of the branches are observed in the Southern Taurid from October 30 to November 7, from North — from 4 to 7 November. The activity of each of the branches is estimated at about 7 meteors per hour.

However, analyzing 144 race car (race cars — large meteors that explode in the atmosphere) astronomers from the Czech Academy of Sciences came to the conclusion: the Taurid there is a third branch, in which there are at least two asteroid with a diameter of 200-300 meters.

“Most likely, this branch also includes many undiscovered asteroids with a diameter of tens of meters or more. Consequently, the danger of collision increases markedly every few years, when the Earth runs into this stream of interplanetary material” reads a press release of the Czech Academy.

The new branch includes objects moving together around the Sun, and the Earth meets with her every few years for about three weeks. Czech astronomers believe that during this period, the probability of collision with a very large object (hundreds of meters in diameter) significantly increases.

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According to astronomers, generated by the comet, the asteroids tend to consist of ice, so they are very fragile. But being big enough they don’t fully burn, penetrating deeply into the atmosphere, and the stone – carries the danger of a real collision.

Now astronomers from the Czech Republic urges the scientific world to further the study of the Taurid clouds to get “the best description of this real source of potentially dangerous objects that are large enough to cause local or even continental catastrophe.”

Also, the media reported that the meeting earthlings with a celestial body, the size of which is much more than the Chelyabinsk meteorite, to be held on 12 October 2017. For several years scientists are trying to predict the exact flight path of the Phaeton, after all, no one wants to be predictable meeting still happened. But it’s hard to say exactly, do predictions come true or not.

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Earth’s collision with an asteroid or comet 1-3 km in diameter could destroy all life on the continent. Meanwhile, their size allows astronomers to observe them with ordinary telescopes. More than half of the asteroids, which orbit coincides with the orbit of the Earth has already been opened, and none of them collided with the Earth in this century. Among those that are still unknown, most will be studied over the next 10 years. It is unlikely that they will fall upon our planet, but still there is some probability of their collision with the Earth.


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