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Theodosius of Chernigov against the Kyivan Patriarchate


Theodosius of Chernigov, St. directly related to the final return of the Ukraine to the fold of the Russian Orthodox civilization, was descended from a gentry family Podolsk Polonica. The name given to the boy at baptism, is unknown. We know only that he was born in the early 30-ies …

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“Ah Yes, the culture! Ah Yes son of a bitch!”


Do not think, dear reader, what the title says, was a deliberate insult to the Russian culture. This is a paraphrased words of A. S. Pushkin, known from his letters to a friend and poet Pyotr Vyazemsky “I Congratulate you, my love, romantic tragedy, it is the first person Boris …

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Started a fight with a thug romance in schools


Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation will form an interagency working group on the prevention of the criminalisation of the teenage environment. The Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation begins to fight against the criminalisation of the teenage environment in schools. With this purpose, …

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Russian in America: “we have to go”


Country of facilities and smiling people – the first impression that made US on the Petersburger Konstantin arrived in the country on a “Work and Travel”. Despite the fact that in America, he encountered difficulties, they, in his opinion, was perceived as not serious: “there is always the feeling that …

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Figures of barbarism: what is the cause of the attacks Bilzho, Raikin, Akhedzhakova and others?

The art Director of theatre “Satyricon” Konstantin Raikin during a solo performance of “Over the sky farce” called Russia “nekrofilskoe government”, reports the “St. Petersburg avant-garde”. In a speech at the St. Petersburg Philharmonic. Shostakovich Raikin remembered crippled the fate of Russian poets: Gumilev, Tsvetaeva, Mayakovsky, Mandelstam, Brodsky and others. …

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Mikhail Piotrovsky: our society is sick, and the disease is harder


Director of the State Hermitage – one of the most respected opponents in the dispute with the Russian Orthodox Church in St. Isaac’s Cathedral, has explained his position St. Petersburg media. By and large, Mikhail Piotrovsky offers to think deeply about moral things. the <small>Frame News</small> I have repeatedly said …

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The US wants to make China the same as Russia


History repeats itself. What was once done with Russia. Now is planned to be done in China. The growing power of China is very much concerned about the world leader — the USA. The tense situation in the South China sea showed that if this continues further, then the moment …

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