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Forrest Gump – 2


In 2001, Tom Hanks and Robert back seriously thinking over the proposal to remove the second part of “Forrest Gump”, in which there was a speech about important world events that occurred after the period of the original film. The scenario of continuing increased from the book by Winston Groom, …

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Mass all on show


Recently, the creative intelligentsia of the Russian capital was shocked by the massive crowd of townsfolk and youth (schoolchildren and students) seeking to enter to the exhibition of the artist, known primarily by one picture – “Girl with peaches”. It seems that many hours standing in the cold and strong …

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So what?? I just tried!


The cultural level of people is very different. What for most people is prohibitive abnormality for the other brand within the acceptable range. Just last week witnessed how some people are dumb and disgusting. Went to market to buy products, large store, walked between the rows, collecting everything you need. …

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Shevchenko vs Pushkin


The revolution of Dignity and subsequent events moved the issue of differences between Ukraine and Russia from the realm of the metaphysical in the practical sphere. Why events such as the Maidan of late 2013 — early 2014 became possible in Ukraine, but still unthinkable in the Russian case? Among …

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Arbat cleansed from artists, musicians and merchants


Prefecture Central district of Moscow together with satisfied daily police raids against illegal trade on the Arbat. About this “NOT” reported in a press-Department service. Muscovites from late January to discuss the persecution of street artists of Arbat – recall, three of them were taken to the police station and …

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Box office of “Star wars” has reached two billion dollars


Fiction film “Star wars. Episode VII: the force Awakening” has earned in world hire of two billion dollars, according to Forbes. He became the third in the history of the painting after “Avatar” and “Titanic” to reach that figure. Tape this took 53 days. Experts note that “Star wars”, you …

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