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As Medinsky and Tsereteli sawed Chopin


Busts of the “Rulers of Russia” in Petroverigsky pereulok Moscow was suspiciously similar to the works of Petersburg master of the second half of the XIX century Igor Zotov Officials in Russia had a special cleanliness and modesty did not differ, however, today public cynicism has reached some truly Rabelaisian …

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Ukrainian hopak Uygur dance, the revived Soviet choreographers


Ukrainians always want something to be proud of. And they are even not proud of it – they often “pishutsya”. Although the word “blaze” is translated into Russian as “arrogance”. Although, as already wrote “anti-Fascist” in the Ukrainian language there is no word “proud”. There where Russian pride, svidomo – …

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Who is behind the promotion of tolerance in Russia?


In his address to the Federation Council in 2013, President Vladimir Putin called tolerance, sexless and barren. “We will strive to be leaders, defending international law, striving for respect and national sovereignty, independence and identity of peoples and it is absolutely objective and understandable for a state like Russia with …

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What shocked the Estonian in Russia


I asked the young citizen of Estonia, who lived for 6 years in Russia that shocked her in our country for the first time. She remembered all the things that surprised her most of all on the principle of “only the hardcore”: The history of bananas I immediately came to …

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Czech media said the Russian fans of “Western Mongols”


The Russian fans behaved after losing the ice hockey world championship match sorry, evista the US national anthem, writes columnist Czech newspaper, Parlamentni Listy Jan Ziegler; the Russians, he called the article “Western Mongols”, and the IIHF has proposed to punish the team. The article is called “When the Western …

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In Russia, the rise of extremism associated with cultural crisis


In the state Duma appears the Council for culture, religion and international relations, which will work under the speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. This “Izvestia” said a source close to the apparatus of the state Duma. It is expected that the Council will deal with issues of “moral climate in society”, “education …

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