Sunday , June 25 2017
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Iggy Pop: the last living Communist is 70 years old


How I congratulate such a wise man as Iggy Pop, with the 70th anniversary? The film “Gimme Danger” by Jim Jarmusch (Jim Jarmusch) about the greatest rock band of all time The Stooges. Long years their frontman. The most beautiful scene of this consisting solely of the beautiful scenes in …

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Very sorry for future historians of Russia


It is a pity historians of Russia, who in a hundred years or two hundred will unearth the ruins of our cities, if all continues as now. What conclusions will they do looking at the signs in English, scraps of clothing and footwear with inscriptions in English and Chinese, Chinese …

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The seizure of words from Soviet children’s books


  They say that from the song words can not erase. In fact, words can be thrown out from the song and from the book. Pictured above is the text from a modern edition of the famous fairy tale of Lazar Lagin “Old Hottabych”. For getting acquainted with the product …

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Bolivia is a country of ancient civilizations


“The Tibet of America” called Bolivia is a country situated in the centre of the South American continent. The official capital is Sucre. But since the government is in La Paz, this city is considered the capital of the country. Bolivia, named after simón bolívar, an outstanding leader of the …

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Users are outraged by the tweet. and the concert Makarevich


In social networks, including Twitter, thousands of users sorry for the tragedy that occurred on the day of April 3, in the subway of Saint Petersburg by posting condolences under the relevant hastahane. Residents of the Northern capital are trying to support each other: many taxi drivers drive people around …

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Eurovision-2017: Samoilov declared in the semi-finals


On the official website posted the list of speakers. Russian singer Yulia Samoylova stated in the second semifinal of Eurovision-2017 under the third number. The order of performances is published on the website on Friday, March 31. The first number in the first semifinal, which will take place on 9 …

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As the Baltic States are struggling with the rights of Russian


The campaign against defenders of Russian language and culture continues. This time the government of Riga has manifested itself in a very extravagant form: just like that, all of a sudden, without any explanation, was excluded from the electoral list of the known public figure, Deputy, and an ardent fighter …

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