Sunday , June 25 2017
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What shocked the Estonian in Russia


I asked the young citizen of Estonia, who lived for 6 years in Russia that shocked her in our country for the first time. She remembered all the things that surprised her most of all on the principle of “only the hardcore”: The history of bananas I immediately came to …

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Czech media said the Russian fans of “Western Mongols”


The Russian fans behaved after losing the ice hockey world championship match sorry, evista the US national anthem, writes columnist Czech newspaper, Parlamentni Listy Jan Ziegler; the Russians, he called the article “Western Mongols”, and the IIHF has proposed to punish the team. The article is called “When the Western …

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In Russia, the rise of extremism associated with cultural crisis


In the state Duma appears the Council for culture, religion and international relations, which will work under the speaker Vyacheslav Volodin. This “Izvestia” said a source close to the apparatus of the state Duma. It is expected that the Council will deal with issues of “moral climate in society”, “education …

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New issues of the magazine “Caravan” No. 40-48


Dear friends, allow me to introduce to your attention new issues of the magazine “Caravan”, which after a short break began to be published again. As you probably remember, the magazine “Caravan” is a monthly electronic publication dedicated to culture, art, geography and other branches of Iranian. Download # 48 …

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Medvedev laid siege Poklonsky


Medvedev criticized the low level of culture in contemporary art. Prosecution of the authors of the works which have not yet been published, this aggression, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “We see this aggression. By the way, this aggression is sometimes embodied in criminal acts. Or sometimes essentially reduced to …

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The authorities should not kick artists


Inside President Dmitry Medvedev are fighting different demons. Some demons want to live in Psekhako and walk like a centipede in countless sneakers, temporarily gaining the upper hand and say that “freedom is better than unfreedom”. Good against evil demons. Unfortunately, often prevail evil and then we hear that there …

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Basta washes SBU


The security service of Ukraine opened the way to Kiev, by Russian artist Vasily Vakulenko, speaking in the Ukrainian capital on June 17. This became known from an official document that the Department provided at the request of Ukrainian journalists.   Interest the last of these events caused the information …

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