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Cultural summary of the centenary of the Kingdom of the Scoop

Культурный итог столетнего царства Совка

I think that this circumstance drew the attention of all. But the fact that it is not discussed, as it shows that few people understand the value of this symptom of our age.

It so happened that this year I had the opportunity to observe the Russian new year TV…

  • 31 December on all channels a few of the same old movies 70-30 years ago (a dozen films).
  • January 1, all channels exactly the same, but differently distributed among the channels.
  • On 2 January a repetition of what had seemed the day before, but again, a bit differently lying in the grid of broadcasting.

And that’s all!

Estrada? Yeah what a fucking stage! On all channels as a blueprint the same faces under the same phonogram, or bromonidine melodies with Western pop, or so impersonal that in a minute don’t remember what it was.

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Nothing more!

Here it is, the cultural result of a century of the Kingdom of the Scoop! No-th-th output! Full emptiness and hopelessness!


Культурный итог столетнего царства Совка

And you still wonder why they cling to their “glorious past”? Why so eager to revive the scoop? Yes, because there in the “past” of at least these ten films were! And here — nor-th-th!

And this a dozen films — frankly, for the most part, stupid and incompetent! But looking great in the background other shooting shit!

They did, and now all this “great heritage” believe! Simply because then was not able to see anything else, and now do not want to see! Because they are comfortable and cozy in this familiar shell of slavery, where it is not necessary to accept responsibility and decides everything for you boss.

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They are happy! They love it! They enjoy this opportunity as much as a hundred years, every New Year to watch the same thing. They don’t even understand the depths of this horror!

And Putin has nothing to do with it! They are to Putin, in an era not seen Yeltsin’s freedom to Yeltsin, clinging to their “Wizards” and did not create anything efficient, neither in culture nor in science, nor in the economy.

And never will!

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