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Criminal factory “Menshevik” disappeared before the police arrived

Преступник с фабрики "Меньшевик" скрылся до приезда полиции

In the main Department of interior Ministry in Moscow announced that it can’t find the former Director of confectionery factory “Menshevik” Ilya Averyanov, which started shooting in the morning of 27 December.

The police checked the territory of the factory, where, as expected, was hiding Averyanov, but never found him. Now the area searches will be expanded.

The interior Ministry believe that Averyanov disappeared before around the factory put up a cordon.

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Search Averyanova continue from 10 am Moscow time, when the first police squads arrived on the scene. For searches Averyanova in Moscow introduced a plan “Siren”.

Update. At the factory the police found a carbine “saiga”, which, as expected, was shot Averyanov.

Averianov arranged firing in the morning of 27 December, when the plant came the bailiffs about a debt collection company. From personal carbine “saiga”, he shot the guard of the factory, who tried to stop him.

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Then the former Director of the “Menshevik” barricaded. He told media that did the shooting, as it took away the factory, accusing, including prosecutors.

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