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Conspiracy theories, which would be a shame to believe in 2018

Теории заговора, в которые стыдно верить в 2018 году

Conspiracy theories are very immortal, some of them live in the minds of people for decades. 42.TUT.BY chose three popular endless dispute which lately have new arguments.

“Americans on the moon was not”

After the first landing of astronauts on the moon in 1969 left a lot of photos and videos. Despite this still-popular theory that Americans will not fly, and the “great leap for mankind” was filmed in Hollywood pavilions. This opinion is shared by 40% of Russians and 24% of Americans, including celebrities (e.g. Whoopi Goldberg).

At different times, the network appeared the “confessions” of Neil Armstrong and Stanley Kubrick were told about the falsification of the landing. However, these revelations is difficult to call reliable: an interview with Armstrong was the result of the draw, and live with them is pure fake.

The landing of the lunar expeditions in the 2000-ies took pictures of American, Japanese and Indian scientists. So, for example, looks like the landing site “Apollo-14”:

Теории заговора, в которые стыдно верить в 2018 году

Image: NASA

During lunar missions, astronauts brought back to Earth some samples of regolith — lunar soil, it has studied a number of scientists from different countries. In 2017, the Russian experts have compared these specimens with those in the 1970-ies brought the Soviet apparatus “Luna-16, -20 and -24”. Scientists came to the conclusion that “samples are very similar to each other and differ sharply from the earthly substances.”

Despite the abundance of arguments, the debate about whether a real landing on the moon, continue. Most likely, the point in this discussion will only deliver a new mission to Earth’s satellite.

“Climate change fiction”

Теории заговора, в которые стыдно верить в 2018 году

Photo: Reuters

“Global warming is an exaggeration, it was invented by Western scientists to get grants”. This opinion can be heard quite often. Far-fetched problem of climate change believe 39% of Russians and 34% of the US population. The most famous advocate of this point of view — Donald trump.

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The problems with the climate of the Earth is really serious: now the planet is very hot. For example, the period from January to may 2018 is the warmest first five months of the year in the entire history of observations. Last may took fourth place in the ranking of the last warm months of spring.

Теории заговора, в которые стыдно верить в 2018 году

Deviation from global average temperature from the norm in may in different years, beginning with 1880. Image: NOAA

Similar trends were meteorologists from Russia, Belarus and many other countries.

And this is happening because of human activities. So say 97% of all scientists who study climate (in total on this subject published more than 11 thousand works). At all desire that the number of scientists could conspire and for what purpose to publish only about the data.

“If scientists were so good at conspiracies, it would be worthwhile to use these amazing skills to administer elections or stock markets”, — jokingly say researchers from the Australian national University.

Interestingly, in the United States operate funds that promote the denial of climate change. A sociologist from Drexel University Robert Bruhl in 2013 have traced these funds receive financing from industrial giants. Among them is Koch Industries, which specializiruetsya on oil trading, chemical production and mechanical engineering. Another sponsor is ExxonMobil, the largest oil company in the world.

“Hitler survived”

Adolf Hitler shot himself on 30 April 1945 in the bunker, realizing that Germany lost the Second world war. Some of his colleagues — for example, Josef Mengele — fled to Latin America. Perhaps because of this, the last 70 years there were rumors that in reality Hitler died much later than the end of the war: in 1962, in Argentina, in 1971 in Paraguay or in 1984 in Brazil.

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In 2013, the American CIA said of conspiracy. The Agency has declassified documents that revealed the “survivors” of Hitler.

In 1955 one of the U.S. intelligence informants reported that a former SS Philip Citroen (Citroen Phillip) if met with Hitler, who was hiding in Colombia under the name of Sattelmayer. As proof he sent a photograph of two people, one of which is really reminiscent of the Fuhrer.

Теории заговора, в которые стыдно верить в 2018 году

Image: CIA

Hitler has no grave. According to the official version, his remains were finally destroyed in Germany in 1970, some of them under mysterious circumstances came to Russia. Now the jaws of the Fuhrer in the archives of the Russian FSB, and fragments of the skull — in the state Archives.

In 2017, the French scientists after long negotiations, gained access to the alleged remains of Hitler. The meeting was attended by well-known forensic expert Philippe Charlier, specializing in topics related to famous historical mysteries.

Teeth and bones of Hitler was compared to the data of the official autopsy, antemortem x-rays and additional historical evidence.

“Our study proves that Hitler died in 1945, said Charlier. Teeth authentic, there is no doubt. This proves that Hitler went to Argentina on a submarine, not hidden on a secret base in Antarctica or on the dark side of the moon”.
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