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Compiled TOP 5 best used SUVs in Russia

Составлен ТОП-5 лучших подержанных кроссоверов в России

National automotive experts have decided to rank the five best used SUVs whose value does not exceed 500 thousand rubles. When choosing the best models were taken into account performance, reliability and functionality of the car.

In the first place in this list was crossover Nissan X-TRAIL. In Russia the market of used cars you can buy a Japanese SUV for only 350 thousand rubles. Despite the popularity and leadership in the rankings, experts say that such a model is to choose very carefully as you can often find specimens with a worn out body.

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On the second line rating of the BMW X3. The cost of this 480 thousand rubles, but can also be proposals more profitable. It is considered that this option is quite suitable for dynamic driving in harsh conditions, but the buyer will be hard to get good parts. If you are willing to pay good money for German parts, then you can safely buy the crossover.

Third place went to the KIA Sorento 2005 and 2006 release. The price on the secondary market of Russia of 450 thousand rubles. The main disadvantage is poor lighting, road lights, but with a strong desire problem can be solved.

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The last two cars in the TOP 5 was picking the Volkswagen Touareg and the Great Wall. Used versions of these models in Russia can be purchased for 400 thousand rubles. It is possible that the purchase will require some intervention by the master.


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