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Class Champions: how much will lessons from famous athletes

The school year starts not only in secondary but also in elite sports schools. A career coach after retiring from the sport began many famous athletes. With what amount will have to leave parents for the sake of training their beloved offspring from the champion?

So class figure skating two-time Olympic champion Evgeny Plushenko at his school “Angels Plushenko” will pass in the amount of from 40 to 150 thousand per month. However, not long ago, the school famous figure skater left the 18-year-old Serafima Shanovich, a member of the second team of Russia. About the reasons of his departure, the girl didn’t say anything, just returned to St. Petersburg to the less-famous coach.

About your desire to coach and open a private school Evgeny Plushenko announced in 2012. The project was not cheap, for athletes sure. If Seraphim, as a prospective athlete, I studied at the school for a subsidized program, it is for other classes manage in the sum from 60 thousand roubles. For that amount offers a total of four classes per week. For a more intensive course of up to 18 per week – will have to pay about 150 thousand per month.

Plus, the school is via a paid test, for which you need to pay another 10 thousand rubles.

Despite the fact that the training is held in the ice Palace, the perimeter of which hang the portraits of the founder of the school, Evgeny Plushenko to meet on the ice can rarely.

When writing to the school immediately, saying that the presence of Yevgeny Viktorovich in class impossible to predict. However, even being present in the building of the ice Palace, Plushenko did not always conducts training, often just observes and makes recommendations. Individually it works only with the most promising athletes.

Tennis has long enjoyed popularity among Russians. One of the most famous coaches with their school, is Anna Chakvetadze. The lessons will be in 19-60 thousand per month.

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The school is located on the street, just a hundred meters from the house with service apartments MPs. If one hour training for the children in the group will cost 1.6 thousand rubles, for the individual would have to pay 5 thousand rubles. While the founder of the school is also not always the case in Russia, and therefore participation in the training takes not more often.

To estimate costs for several years ahead is unlikely to happen because, as recognized in the school, each year prices grow up.

Those for whom money is no problem, you can go to the school to the training camp on the Spanish Mallorca. The average ticket cost 105 thousand rubles.

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Another popular sport is gymnastics. Here the leader is the centre of rhythmic gymnastics Irina Viner-Usmanova, located in a residential cluster “Olympic village Novogorsk”. Classes are more accessible for the youngest (from 4 years), they will cost 10 thousand rubles. However, up to six years training more like a charging than on sports. With only six years of age begin the real workout. However, from now on parents will have to invest in inventory – to purchase balls, clubs and so on.

When writing just say that to see the group training itself Irina Viner will not work. However, the school often invites charges of her star students. A week of training with Olympic Champions, mentored by the legendary coach, will have to pay 30 thousand rubles.

Lovers of martial arts can burn children to a Boxing club Nikolay Valuev, where classes will cost from 5 to 36 thousand per month. The minimum tariff includes 12 group training for children. For adults who want to keep fit, group classes will cost only a little more expensive – 6 thousand rubles. A nice bonus is the free use of the gym. He eminent the boxer doesn’t train.

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