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Chitintsy insolent

“Chitaenergo” requires a resident money for the use of air.

Читинцы обнаглели

Claim more than 40 000 presented to resident commuter Shapki Sergey Dneprovskiy enterprise “Chitaenergo”. Such precedents have not yet observed not only in the region but throughout Russia.

Engineer by education, Sergey Dneprovskiy built in 2014 house and made housing completely self-contained. He takes the water from the well, heated the house with wood and electricity, the owner gets out of the air. On the roof are arranged in a solar panel in the courtyard stands a wind power plant and in emergency cases there is a gasoline generator. All these devices enough to meet the energy needs.

— What consumes the most energy? Washing machine, microwave oven, electric stove. Because of the large linen we out. But mainly wash hands, clothes and stuff lasts longer. Microwave oven we do not use radiation it is very harmful. Instead cookers use gas. And in winter the oven. So the electricity required for lighting and computer TV. This is enough sun and wind, — said Sergey Dneprovskiy “Commentator”.

In 2015, Sergei appeared to the inspectors to recover the debt and make a claim to pay 280 000 roubles for the consumed electric power. In response, he brought uninvited guests to your house for inspection, and proved that the city network is not connected.

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— After that to me every week, I went looking for all the underground cable that I supposedly paved illegally. I said – you’re a power engineer by profession, for you it’s a piece of cake. Still find, better pay your dues. Put the counter and live in peace – we will not lag behind you.

Finally, Sergei was forced to order an independent examination, which finally established that the urban networks building the Dnieper is not connected. For some time lagged behind him. But a month ago he received a new demand – this time about the payment of 40,000 rubles. Now, the seller of power required to compensate it for lost profits. The Agency Sergei explained that when designing the line and calculation of power energy it was assumed that the area where is the house of Sergei, was planned under the connection and consumption of electricity. And once this happened – if you please to reimburse us for the costs.

The hearing, in which the simple inhabitant of Chita with hands growing from where it should be, against the company, whose owners prosper in Cyprus and the virgin Islands, will be held in January.

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Something tells us that the court’s decision is already known…

Instead of a comment:

Ilya Weitzman. Crap, expensive edition!

Since then, We have introduced a tax on the air you have less to breathe! This is outrageous!“©

You know what? It turns out that even if you are plugged in, still has “energy sales companies” money, now not only for electricity, but for “lost profits”!!!!!!

[two paragraphs of the characteristics of the personalities of the Chita energy and any appeals carved terrified text censored]

So: picking up the fallen under the table, his jaw, I propose to extend this “progressive experience” at all:

  • with pedestrians to take money in favor of the automakers and manufacturers of gasoline – for “lost profits” because of nepochopi car and gasoline

  • with non-drinking – for “damages” to the producers of alcohol,

  • with hungry for “damage to agriculture”,

  • – …

And so on, do keep a list.

By the way, from the unemployed to take tax on unemployment we already came up with, so I’m even late with ideas.

PS Masterpiece. …s, “I literally, dear editors!” (© anecdote)

Ilya Weitzman.

© 2016, All rights reserved

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