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Children have less punch and more control

Детей стали меньше бить и больше контролировать

A survey of the population in 48 regions, conducted by “Levada center” in may of this year showed that the number of adults who believe that they have the right to physically punish a child for four years fell by 13%. But those who think that they can see the personal correspondence of a teenager and the contents of his pockets, on the contrary, became more.

Experts explain the situation by the fact that parents are becoming more enlightened in matters of education. However, public discussion of laws aimed at the protection of children, has led to increased parental control.

According to the survey, the share of Russians who believe that they have the right to physically punish 13-14-year-old children over the past three years is declining. If in 2013, corporal punishment was prepared, 45% of respondents “Levada-center”, in 2015, 38%, and in 2017 — 32%.

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Counselor Irina Aglicheva told “Izvestia” that in society there is a growing request for education, in the formation of the favorable environment of childhood.

We see that more and more parents are thinking not only about how to provide for their child, to give him an education, but also about how to give a happy childhood, ‘ said the psychologist.

It noted, however, that Russia still remains quite a lot of people who are raising children with cuffs.

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— In our country many symbols, Proverbs is aimed at the rigidity and pressure: “Bay, while across the bench lies”, “kill wife to children, and children — to people.” Domestic orders still in the minds of our citizens, even on an unconscious level, — said the expert.

Also in recent years changed the attitude of Russians to the introduction of full criminal responsibility to 16-year-olds (now she comes to 18 years old). In 2000, those who gave a positive response were 73%, in 2013-m — already 62%, and in 2017 — 48%.

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