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Changed rules of transportation of children

Изменились правила перевозки детей

Until 1 June 2017 in the SDA was not clearly displayed, to what place in the car may be carried by a child. So the drivers are at your discretion children seated on the front seats, set the restraint in the back seat, that is, acted as considered convenient.

Now the legislature has determined that children under seven years may travel in the rear seat and the restraint device. Moreover, this device should fit the dimensions of the child’s body, therefore, if simply to fasten your kid’s seat belt, which he just “drops out”, it will be considered a violation. Please note that for this type of traffic violations significantly, to 3,000 rubles, increased penalties.

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Another significant change in the sphere of transportation of children was the introduction of the SDA responsibility for leaving the child in the car without adult supervision. If you for any reason leave from the car, while it will remain a child, then you will be fined in the amount of 500 rubles. The purpose of an administrative penalty in this case is against the parents or guardians.

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