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If you ask the average layman, when he finished the existence of the Roman Empire, he nakormit forehead and mumbling: “whether the fifth, whether in the fourth century”.

The educated layman, I would say that in the fifth century collapsed only the Western part of Rome, and the Eastern part lasted under the name “Byzantium” until the 15th century ad and may even name the exact date is 1453, when the capital of the Eastern Rome — Constantinople was captured by the troops of Turkish Sultan Mehmed II.

However, the irony is that Mehmed II conquered Constantinople, not in order to destroy Rome. His goal was just to occupy the Roman throne, to change the ruling dynasty and restore the moribund Roman Empire to its former borders. That is, to do exactly the same thing was done by dozens of other “conquerors of Rome” before him.

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And I must say, he succeeded. His great-grandson, Suleiman the Magnificent, restored the borders of the Roman Empire. And the son of Suleiman Selim II expanded its territory to the borders, the superior border of the Byzantine Empire in its heyday.

The paradox is that those in Europe were called “Turks”, Turks really were not. Neither the ethnic composition of the population, nor the national composition of the elite — “the Ottomans” did not differ from the “Byzantines”

The regular Turkish army — the Janissaries, suggestive fear in the Europeans, at 100% it was made up of young men of Slavic, Greek, and Caucasian origin. Terrible Mamluk cavalry on 100% consisted of Armenians, Georgians and Circassians.

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Ottoman all know, all the higher administration of the Ottoman Empire — they were mostly Greeks, Jews, Italians, and Balkan Slavs accepted (and sometimes even to those who don’t) Islam.

The Turkish Sultan Selim II, the maximum expanding of the Empire, went down in history under the nickname “Blonde” because they were blond. A Turk in genetic terms, he was not. In his veins 50% tech Ukrainian blood and Greek blood was a lot more than Turkic. His only legal wife Nur Banu Sultan was a Venetian woman, in her girlhood bore the name Cecilia Venier-Baffo and the Doge of Venice had her family uncle.

And the highest dignitaries of Selim II was a Jew, Joseph Nasi and the Serb Sokollu Pasha.

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