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Central Bank is studying the possibility of issuing plastic banknotes

ЦБ изучает возможность выпуска пластиковой купюры

The first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Georgy Luntovsky, the new notes, the national payment system and why not be a denomination.

Next year, the Central Bank will launch a pilot project to implement KPI for employees (now to guide controller main indicator of effectiveness is the execution target inflation to 4% in 2017), it is possible that a new commemorative banknote to the 2018 world Cup football will be plastic, government employees and pensioners will receive the money on the card “the World” and Association “ROSINKAS” although aktsionirovat, but the capital of commercial banks will not open. About it in exclusive interview to “Izvestiya” told the first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Georgy Luntovsky.

— George I., in early October will be announced two cities and two symbols will be depicted on the new banknotes in 200 and 2000 rubles. Whether they are unusual or particularly reserved?

— Of course, a protective package of the new banknotes will be improved — they will be used recent developments of JSC Goznak”. The Bank of Russia regularly carries out a planned upgrade of banknote security complex, which is primarily connected with the necessity of combating counterfeiting. The last such upgrade was carried out by the Bank of Russia in 2010. Elaborate on the description of the new security features of banknotes prior to their release into circulation is inexpedient for the prevention of crime. In early 2017 we will have a draft of a banknote design. We will try to make them innovative and beautiful that they are like citizens.

— What innovations can there be? Perhaps another size?

Modern technologies give the opportunity to introduce new elements. The size of banknotes will be the same. Its not going to change, not to rebuild the equipment.

Such a large-scale popular campaign for the choice of symbols for new notes held for the first time. Why have you chosen this format?

— Yes, indeed, such a contest takes place for the first time. This is the uniqueness of what is happening. For the first time our citizens from the very beginning to offer the city and the characters that, in their opinion, worthy to be depicted on the new banknotes. During the first stage of the contest participated in by more than 1 million 200 thousand people, now at the third final stage of the competition, have voted almost 1.5 million Russians. This shows that the interest in voting continues unabated and even growing. I believe that as a result of such competition, we will get really popular bill.

— Now you are also working a new Olympic bill for the world Cup in 2018. The head of Goznak Arkady Trachuk said in an interview to our newspaper that discusses non-standard material. God, I hope Russia will have a plastic bill?

— Indeed, in 2018, the Bank of Russia has scheduled the release of a commemorative banknotes, dedicated to the implementation in the Russian Federation of the FIFA world Cup FIFA 2018. It will also be hundred-ruble as Sochi. The circulation is 20 million copies. We want this bill to be recognizable not only in Russia but in the world that she was in demand not only among collectors, but also among football fans.

— So can it be plastic?

— It is possible. It should be noted that the plastic banknotes in production more expensive than those that are now in circulation. It is important that they served longer, then these costs will be repaid.

— Just a global trend. In the UK recently allowed such an appeal…

— Yes, indeed, some countries, such as Switzerland, the United Kingdom, are already using plastic in the production of banknotes. Currently, the Bank of Russia studied all the pros and cons of the treatment of such notes.

— Arkady Trachuk also suggested that banknotes of 200 and 2000 rubles can become over protective characteristics model to upgrade the entire banknote series. Whether this is so and what the bills can begin the upgrade?

— We have already talked about that once in six or seven years of the updated security features. Since the previous modernization as time passed about the same time. So we are on schedule preparing for the upgrade, but the first bills that will receive the new protection level will be 200 and 2000 rubles. Once again I want to emphasize that our banknotes — one of the most protected in the world. This is confirmed by data on the detection of counterfeit banknotes. The new banknotes will be more secure.

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— If everything is so good, the Central Bank will not introduce new requirements for banks to verify the authenticity of the bills? For example, by purchasing new equipment?

The problem lies in the fact that the banks were providing not only the equipment that they use in the processing of banknotes, but also the receptors on the ATMs, the terminal control sensors machine-readable security features. Our checks show that not all banks are equally aggressive fulfill the requirements of the Bank of Russia.

Is the big banks?

Is different banks.

So the ATMs get even banknote “Bank of tricks”?

— Yes, when banks do not comply with the established Central Bank requirements on the equipment banknotopriemnye devices with sensors monitoring machine-readable security features.

— Is there a risk that with the advent of banknotes in 200 and 2000 rubles for the first time will receive them at ATMs, as it was with the five thousand?

Is a matter of commercial efficiency and adjustment software. When five-thousandth run, that was a separate local problems.

— I’m going to ensure that you will not be able to banks in advance to give any leads, so they can configure its ATM network under 200 and 2000 rubles?

We work closely with manufacturers and developers of equipment, take into account their technical capabilities. We have such a mechanism established. I hope that problems with the acceptance of the new banknotes will not.

— Have you given lately from minting any coins? At the time you are told that 1 and 5 cents ceased to be minted.

We see no need for the rejection of coins. Yes, stop chasing some denominations, but officially we do not derive from treatment.

— Coin 50 kopeks minted?

— As necessary.

— Understand that you are all tired of this question, but I have to ask — is there a question about the creation of a ten-thousandth of the bills?

— This is the easiest question of those that you ask: this topic is not even discussed.

Why? You always said that, when the average salary in the country will exceed 20 thousand rubles, will begin to think about the appearance of this bill. Now the average salary is significantly higher.

We conducted an analytical study which showed the need to Supplement the nominal number of banknotes of 200 and 2000 rubles. In our view, this will simplify the calculations of citizens for goods and services, as well as to save time when paying for them. Furthermore, the coinage of intermediate values of economically justified in the case when inflation does not exceed 4-6%. According to the forecast of the Bank of Russia, annual inflation will reach the target level of 4% by the end of 2017. The release notes in 10 000 roubles does not meet the needs of the economy.

— Also a question of the traditional, backed by personal experience: I was recently in the Bank before closing, in front of me in the cashier came a lady who asked to change a large amount at the ten-ruble coins.

And immediately thought about a denomination?

— Of course! You think: “What a smart woman probably knows something”. In a denomination there is nothing wrong. Many say that it is even psychologically more convenient, if the extra zeros removed from the bills.

We would not 200 and 2000 rubles, if I were planning a denomination.

— Why the Central Bank decided on a large-scale reduction in staff of 2.4 thousand. Will continue the process? As will be further held staffing optimization? Is there a quantitative value, for example, to reduce by 10%?

— Reducing the number of employees in 2015 by 2.4 thousand, or about 4% of the total number, there was some new step, and was a continuation of the policy of the Central Bank optimization of its structure and state. We have no problem to cut staff by a certain percentage. We have another task — to improve the efficiency of our work due to the use of the process technology. We are actively working on this. By optimizing existing processes, we expect to reduce expenses of the Bank of Russia and number.

— How much reduction in the number of employees of the Central Bank for 10 years, for example?

— I can give you the numbers since 2000: we had 97 thousand persons, now — 53 thousand Call another office or structure, which by increasing the volume of work has reached such reductions.

— Reduced personnel offices?

We have reduced the staff of the major departments — regional units, and two-thirds of the settlement-cash centres. This process is ongoing. We have some population growth in the Central office, but it is for objective reasons. First, we became a mega — regulator, we added functions. Secondly, there is the centralization of many functions. While in certain areas we in the Central administration carry out optimization activities and reducing the number. It is also important to understand.

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Therefore, those who criticize us for its high strength, should understand that you need to compare comparable quantities to watch not only quantitative, but also functions of the territory, to analyze the structure of the number. In total, we consider also the staff that support the activities of the Bank and foreign Central banks — not counted. That is the difference.

— If to speak about increase of efficiency, it is logical to assume that the employees of the Bank may receive KPI? Are there any such plans?

— Starting in 2017 there will be a pilot project on introduction of KPIs for certain categories of employees.

— What are the consequences of failure to comply with the KPI?

— The system of employee motivation will focus on the implementation of KPI.

— There was information that the law 161-FZ, amendments, under which the public sector will transfer the salary to card “the World” is mandatory. Why was this decision made? Whether and pensioners to get money on the card “the World”, since in the project we are talking about the recipients of budget funds?

I don’t want to comment on the missed bill. But current legislation establishes the obligation of banks to provide clients with national payment instrument upon receipt of payments due to the budgets and extra-budgetary funds. The Bank of Russia is interested and actively engaged in the promotion of the card “the World” — after all it is a national project, we should strongly support.

Once the largest banks are fully involved in this process, map the “World” will be more actively used, not just state employees. I believe that the majority of our population will be owners of this card.

— Did I understand correctly that by the end of this year, trade-service network needs to be fully equipped?

— We expect that before the end of the year to receive the card “the World” will be fully ready ATM network and the majority of POS-terminals in trade-service network.

— You don’t expect discontent due to the fact that the public sector will be imposed on this card? Maybe people want to travel abroad and there to pay?

— In case of receiving kobegenova cards — Mir-Maestro” or “Peace-JCB — can use it abroad. Of course, a citizen can afford to buy cards of any payment systems, making a choice in favor of a more convenient and cheaper services.

— Overall, are you satisfied with how the project is implemented NPCs (national payment card system)?

— Yes, especially when you consider that such a complex project was implemented in the shortest possible time, particularly in its first phase, which required significant resources on the creation of technical and technological base.

— Any cost it took?

— I won’t give you the figures. See the size of the Charter capital which formed the Bank of Russia. This year we received the first dividends from the NPCs. The project began to pay off. I think that the payback will be quick.

— As far as I know, is preparing a bill on the corporatization of enterprises “ROSINKAS”? It has long been said about the necessity of its reorganization. How it will be? Is there any chance that the Central Bank will open the capital of the enterprises and will allow to enter the commercial banks?

— The decision on privatizing Association “ROSINKAS” taken for a number of reasons. One of them is the bringing of the legal form of the Association “ROSINKAS” in accordance with the Civil code. The Central Bank will remain the sole shareholder of this organization.

— Because of the fight against dubious banks competition in the market of collector services is falling. About a year ago the license was revoked from “Admiralty”, which occupied a leading position. This is reflected in the market?

— Competition in the market of collector services remains particularly among large organizations-carriers. With regard to clients of banks with revoked licenses, they are without services do not remain, there is a redistribution of clientele.

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