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Caution: these bananas can cause cancer

Осторожно: эти бананы могут вызвать рак

Bananas are considered very useful by product with a high content of potassium. The positive effect this fruit has on the heart and nerves due to the large amounts of vitamin B6. But a recent study organization, Ökotest showed that for the Germans a tropical fruit can be dangerous.

The fact that bananas can contain residues of pesticides. Almost all samples showed that the pesticide imazalil and bifenthrin that there are many bananas can cause cancer. A particularly high content of pesticides was observed not only in skin but also in the edible portion of the fruit. The following products have been installed particularly high amount of pesticides:

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bananas of brand Chiquita

– “Hola Banana!”, sold in stores Netto

bananas Rewe Beste Wahl

– bananas brand “Bonita”, available in stores Kaufland

– bananas “süß und samtig” that are sold in stores Penny

Eco-bananas are well established in the analysis. Only some brands contain extremely small and harmless amounts of chemicals, as they are not used to produce a crop. A good evaluation has received the following fruit:

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– “BanaFair”, bananas can be purchased in stores Naturland

“Bio – Bananen One World” sold at Aldi Süd

– bananas brand “BioBio”, which is on sale in stores Netto

– bio-bananas network Edeka

– “K-Bio” bananas that are sold in stores Kaufland

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