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Car owners are owed 42 billion

Автовладельцы задолжали 42 млрд

In the two years arrears of the transport tax has almost doubled.

According to the accounting chamber of the Russian Federation, on 1 January 2014 arrears non-payment of the transport tax (VT) amounted to 57 billion rubles, and on January 1, 2016 — already 99,7 billion With the majority of Russian roads do not meet the requirements of the operating state and the number of accidents because of related road conditions is not reduced. In this connection, the Federal tax service and the regions were encouraged to develop additional measures to recover debts from vehicle owners.

Some experts attribute the rising debt under the transport tax reduction of real incomes of the population and suggest the inclusion of TN in the cost of fuel. Others think that it is the indiscipline of motorists, and the need to strengthen the administration of vehicle tax by analogy with the personal income tax.

The press service of the Federal tax service (FTS) has informed “news” that now the debtors send the notice on necessity of repayment of the debt, collect the debt through court and report them to employers. Also the failure of TN threatened with seizure of property and the restriction of travel abroad. Held and “other alternative” activities: for example, the debtors called on the Commission on settlement of debt with the participation of law enforcement agencies.

The accounting chamber auditors noted that 91% of Russian roads — regional and local significance. As of 1 January 2016 61.9% of the regional road network did not meet the requirements of the operating status (capacity, load level). The worst results were recorded in the North-West and the Crimean Federal districts (71,9% and 77,2%). And in five regions (the Republic of Kalmykia, Saratov and Volgograd region, Nenets and Chukotka Autonomous district) regulatory requirements did not meet 90% of the road network.

Director of the Institute for transport Economics and transport policy HSE Mikhail Blinkin said that the transport tax is one of the main components of the regional road funds, due to which roads are being repaired, his non-payment has a direct impact on the technical condition of the regional road network. According to experts, poor collection of TONS due to insufficient administration: if, for example, personal income tax takes place in the books of the employer transport tax people pay themselves.

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— In Russia private ownership is 40 million vehicles. No toes is not enough to run every, so the IRS never can not cope with this. It is necessary to enhance the administration, — said Mikhail Blinkin.

The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Vyacheslav Lysakov sure that the debt on the transport tax grows because people have no money.

— Citizens trying to minimize the spending of the family budget in conditions when more and more rising maintenance costs of vehicles due to the cost of gasoline and the advent of paid Parking, said the MP.

In his opinion, to ensure the collection of TN can include it in the cost of fuel. Such a move would also save money that is spent now on the content of the fiscal unit, the notification and litigation of penalties.

— But most importantly — this measure will be socially equitable. Now vehicle tax tied to engine power. It is believed that if a person has the money for an expensive car, he is able to pay more. It made the Commissar approach. Often not wealthy people buy used cars with a powerful engine, — said Vyacheslav Lysakov.

He noted that the TN is included in the cost of fuel in 100 countries. To compensate for the shortfall of the budget in case of cancellation, it will be enough to raise the price of gasoline for one ruble.

— It will be beneficial not just, for example, retirees who travel by car in the summer at the cottage, but also large transport companies. The fiscal burden of the latter will be distributed for the whole year, — said Lysakov.

Vice-President of the Russian motor transportation Union (RACES) Valery Alekseev also believes that vehicle tax is not going because of financial issues in the last few years has faced both citizens and companies involved in the transport of goods.

— State of transportation business depends on turnover. In the current economic conditions, some companies and transport there is nothing. And firms that have managed to remain on the market, run almost at cost. As well as the transport tax — deferred payment, pay it in last turn, — said Valery Alekseev.

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As Vyacheslav Lysakov believes that the transport tax to include in the cost of gasoline. On the one hand, this will help to achieve fairness: the more you travel the roads — the more you pay for their repair. And on the other hand, this measure will make tax collection absolutely: didn’t — didn’t go.

First Deputy Chairman of the Commission on security and interaction with the PMC of the Public chamber Dmitry Chugunov said that the amount of road funds is formed not only by TN, but also due to income from receipts in excise duties on petroleum products and due to transfers provided to the constituent entities from the Federal budget. And these funds are not always used appropriate.

— Construction and repair of roads is in violation of technologies. Lay asphalt in the summer and spring he’s gone, — the public man noted. — It’s no secret that the road construction is one of the most corrupt spheres. Officials advantageous to constantly repair roads.

Dmitry Chugunov reminded that the condition of roads directly impacts the safety of drivers and passengers. Mikhail Blinkin said that the vast majority of road fatalities are caused by drivers.

— Because of the bad roads we hit the car, spend your nerves and money. But if one drove into the oncoming lane and crashed into another, as the curb has little value. It is only a concomitant condition, not the cause of the accident, — said the expert.

According to the chamber, in the whole of Russia the number of accidents that occurred because of related road conditions, from year to year remains at the same level. So, in 2014, there were 759 18 such incidents in 2015 — 18 137, and for eight months of the year 2016 — 13 907.

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