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Car numbers will fit with the new standards

К автомобильным номерам подойдут с новыми мерками

Rosstandart in conjunction with the Ministry of interior began developing a new Standard which will change the appearance of car numbers. It is planned to reduce the size of Gosznak for motorcycles, enter the special rooms for sports, classic and Japanese and American cars. The transition to the new format, most likely, will not begin before 2019. However, the code region and the number of letters and numbers in Gosznak, contrary to some media reports, will remain unchanged.

On the website of Rosstandart published notice of a draft new national standard that will set requirements for the types, main dimensions, technical regulations, state registration plates. GOST 1993 would, therefore, revised. Within two months the document will be a public discussion. As explained “Kommersant” in Rosstandart, by may 2018 will be ready the final version of the document, in October of the same year, it must be approved. Date of entry into force is not defined, in practice it takes from 3 to 18 months (i.e., most likely in 2019).
Talk about the development of new standard license plates, we will remind, began in 2016. With the corresponding initiative was made by the research center of problems of road safety (nits BDD), the interior Ministry, as reported by “Kommersant” in November last year.

Planned the following improvements: reduce the size of license plates for motorcycles (they don’t fit on the sites for modern bikes), the introduction of new forms of signs (for owners of American and Japanese cars, platforms for mounting signs which do not coincide with Russian standards), as well as special Gosznak for retro and classic cars. It nits BDD acts as a developer of a new standard referred to in the notice on the website of Rosstandart.

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Note that, despite the “public discussion” in the public domain a document is not, it is submitted only upon request.
Almost simultaneously with this, the current week, the media reported citing a source in the Russian government that under the “license plate” reform is planned to be removed from Gosznak designation of the region, to increase the number of letters and numbers, and also to equip the room with chips. The interior Ministry hurried to refute this information. Note that in 2013, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev had indeed instructed the interior Ministry, the Ministry of communications and Ministry of industry to develop the technology for use in car license plates of radionecrosis (RFID technology), but to implement over the past four years is not reached. In Rosstandart yesterday said: “the increase in the number of letters, digits and chipping car signs in this (which is being developed. — “”) The standard is not provided”.

“All received during public discussion of comments and suggestions will be considered by the developer and taken into account in preparing the final version of the draft standard,” — said the Agency.
The first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on state construction Vyacheslav Lysakov believes that the need for revision of the standards of the rooms is long overdue. “Obviously, the problem with the lack of letters and numbers in the rooms, but the answer is to give mathematics: are there enough combinations for a hassle-free existence at least ten years,’ he says. — With American and Japanese cars also need to understand the existence of hundreds of thousands of such cars we can’t ignore. In addition, the need to unify our signs with European. Most FSU countries have already done it”. Mr. Lysakov also noted that it is necessary to solve the problem associated with the fact that owners of cars with foreign number plates, in fact did not receive fines from the cameras and avoid responsibility. According to “Kommersant”, in such cases, the Metropolitan traffic police sends “letters of happiness” for foreign addresses (provided upon request in FCS), but the fact of payment of the fine to check very difficult.

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This problem should be partially resolved by adopting the intergovernmental agreement between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan for the exchange of information of the system fotovideofiksatsii, his project is prepared in the traffic police (Kommersant reported on this in March 2017), the document is now undergoing approval.

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