Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Giant crater found unknown organisms


The crater has provided bacteria and other single-celled creatures refuges from the external environment. The Chicxulub crater, occurred during the fall to earth of a large asteroid, became a habitat for many organisms. It found an international group of scientists. Conclusions are presented in an article published in the journal …

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Near Mosul, ISIL killed more than 300 former police officers


Human rights activists reported a mass grave near Mosul. International Human rights organization Human Rights Watch released a statement which said that the militant group Islamic state killed more than 300 former officers of the Iraqi police and buried them in a mass grave near the Iraqi city of Mosul. …

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The Russian Consulate General in Istanbul skirmish


Victims among the Russian diplomats there. Thursday, November 17, the Russian Consulate General in Istanbul, the shooting happened, said the press-attache of the Russian Embassy in Ankara Irina Kasimova. Kasimov commented on reports by the Turkish media that on Thursday morning at the Istiklal street in Central Istanbul on which …

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Scientists implanted a sensor in the human brain


In the University Medical center Utrecht successfully passed the implantation of a sensor in the brain. Agreed to the operation a 59-year-old woman, mother of three children, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Her mind is fully functional, but it is not able to move, even to speak, since 2008. The electrode, which …

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Women who are musical geniuses. Photo


They were inspired by its beauty. Perhaps, each outstanding painter, sculptor, writer was Muse, which his presence inspired him to create masterpieces. Some women were impressed with the geniuses for their beauty, others passion, and others surrounded with care and affection. This review presents Muses of famous men, without which, …

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In Montenegro there were billboards with Putin and trump


The election trump for the post supported by the U.S. 84% of citizens of Montenegro. Montenegro appeared billboards with the presidents of the United States and Russia Donald trump, and Vladimir Putin. The corresponding photos published by Reuters. “Let’s get together again let’s make the world great!” – reads the …

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