Tuesday , December 19 2017
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Ten places to see in Hungary. Photo

This is one of the most interesting countries of Europe. Hungary may not have access to the sea, but it boasts some amazing features, as well as some of the most striking architectural sights you’ll ever see. Get comfortable, because we’re going on a virtual tour of this amazing country! …

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Disclosed details destroyed an ancient civilization disaster

High waves, coupled with the emission of volcanic ash led to the destruction of the Cretan-Minoan civilization. An international team of scientists said the cause of death inhabiting the island of Crete Minoan civilization. According to them, her death led to the disastrous tsunami. This is stated in a study …

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The most stylish things in the men’s autumn wardrobe. Photo

Recommendations from stylists can help you find your own style. Men’s fashion lately, very rarely surprises. From season to season we see a reincarnation of the same ideas and trends. But at the same time, men’s fashion has become more diverse: something your will find supporters of the classical style, …

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The biggest Nations of the world. Photo

The most beautiful representatives of the great peoples of the world . On the Earth lives more than 5 thousand people. While 15 of the largest Nations concentrate more than half the world population, which in 2014 exceeded 7.2 billion people. In this article is represented by the largest Nations …

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Clinton for the first time after losing out to his supporters

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton first spoke to supporters in new York after the defeat in the presidential election. At the same time, she expressed hope that US President-elect Donald trump will be a successful head of state. “Last night, I congratulated Donald trump, and …

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