Wednesday , October 17 2018
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In Belarus on trial of Austrian investor

In Minsk, the trial continues of a large businessman Alexander Muravyov, who bought the state shares AOA “Motovelo”. The defendant argues that his trial for the failure of the business plan, written by state experts. The court in the case of JSC “Motovelo” has begun in the last decade of …

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Named as likely candidates to the administration trump

The team can appear newt Gingrich and Rudolph Giuliani. The headquarters of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump began the selection of candidates for key posts in a future administration. According to The Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the staff in charge of the transition …

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Astronomers showed impressive the space Tarantula

Space tarantula is close to a recent supernova explosion.It is the largest and most complex region of star formation in the vicinity of our galaxy. It is located in the Large Magellanic cloud – a small galaxy orbiting the orbiting the milky Way. For its resemblance to a spider, this …

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NASA found on the surface of Mars, a mysterious rock

On Mars discovered a wind-cut rocks.Researchers of the National Agency on Aeronautics and research of space NASA found on the surface of Mars rocks. According to scientists, the corrugated surface appeared on the planet due to strong winds. With the help of the HiRISE camera orbiting Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter managed …

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The ISS will appear artificial gravity

To create artificial gravity will serve as the centrifuge with a small radius. In the new module of the International space station (ISS), developed in Russia, will set the centrifuge to create artificial gravity. This was announced by Director of the Institute of biomedical problems (IBMP) of RAS Oleg Orlov. …

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Доска объявлений для продвижения бизнеса

Большинство предпринимателей находится в постоянном поиске способов продвижения собственного бизнеса. Благо, интернет предоставляет массу таких шансов. Несмотря на появление новых методик развития собственного дела, старые и, порой, даже позабытые способы повышения уровня продаж все так же работают. Речь идет об электронных досках объявлений, таких как Чем может помочь доска …

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