Saturday , August 19 2017
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Large wealth on the side of Putin


Currently, Vladimir Putin is considered the most successful virtuoso of the geopolitics on the planet. But what the President of Russia, with all its political success has always lacked is talent in relation to financial markets. Investors and speculators did not support Putin and his hard line that was due, …

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My life in the trade. Entrepreneur


  Quite telling in detail in the previous parts about his adventures in Commerce, I did not touch on another aspect. Hanging out with any success by large and small firms, I quickly realized how small a share of the profits get by working for hire on someone else’s …

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Putin targeting the Baltics.


Predicted the Russian attack on Ukraine said that the next will be the Baltic States. A former employee of the national security Council of the United States under presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama Paul D. Miller called the new goal of Russia in an article for Foreign Policy. …

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Giant crater found unknown organisms


The crater has provided bacteria and other single-celled creatures refuges from the external environment. The Chicxulub crater, occurred during the fall to earth of a large asteroid, became a habitat for many organisms. It found an international group of scientists. Conclusions are presented in an article published in the journal …

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