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Britain was going to destroy Russia “of the tsarist debts”

Британия собралась разорить Россию "царскими долгами"

The PR company associated with the French claims on the “king’s debts”, is completed. And at this time, as if fearing not to make their demands to the Russian state put forward by the British.

English PriceWaterhouseCoopers said that he was going to put forward their own claim for the return of the “king’s debts”. The company representing the interests of several British banks (debt holders pre-revolutionary Russia), refused to recognize the Soviet-English agreement of 1986 on the settlement of debt disputes. It is noteworthy that the British Ministry of Finance has taken a similar position, citing the fact that the 1986 agreement “does not allow to deprive individuals even received compensation, the right to put the debt requirements”.

However, unlike the British, the auditors British officials did not want to become a personal object of ridicule. The statement is actually supportive of the Declaration of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, was circulated to the media without someone’s specific signature. Faceless stated — “on behalf of the Ministry.”

Apparently still afraid that someone will take it, climb into the origin story of the “Imperial debt”, and raise the truth about them to the surface.

Talk about the fact that all these “king’s debts” that arose under Tsar Alexander II and was related to the so-called “train fever”, in fact, have a criminal component.

The fact that all of these government bonds issued by joint stock companies as a guarantee of the profits from the construction of Railways. But the fact is that these joint stock companies, as a rule, no roads were built. They are generally created for another purpose.

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In practice, this was an ordinary financial pyramid (pre-revolutionary counterparts MMM) who took out government loans, distributed among the shareholders and then declared bankruptcy. And the loans that they provided the state had been taken in British and French banks at extremely high interest rates.

But the owners of joint stock companies in 80% of cases were persons affiliated with the British, French and Belgian banks. Just for tax evasion and criminal prosecution of the owners of the painted stocks for dummies — often foreigners. The descendants of these “shells moving around” today and demand from Russia to pay state railway bonds that fall into their hands.

All of these persons are from the country that invented the technology to create the train of financial pyramids.

In 1840-ies in the UK, with the active assistance of banks experiencing a speculative bubble which historians have called the “railway mania”. Here, just as later in Russia, created a fictitious company allegedly “for the construction of Railways”. They received government loans, and the shares were sold to all comers. Banks then withdraw all funds from these companies and then bankrupted them. But ordinary shareholders were left with worthless pieces of paper. No they did not compensate — neither then nor today.

At this moment in England studied a descendant of the Swedes and Russian nobleman Paul von Derviz. Back in Russia, and having been engaged in entrepreneurial activities, he subsequently suggested to the Minister of Finance seen them the technology. Subsequently, von Derviz wrote: “I ran in the same circles quislings, embezzlers, not only because falling on the dock that someone needed their thieving activities”

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As a result, from the shores of Albion to the Russian soil and came circular a Scam. Only, unlike in England, the Russian government took out loans not from domestic but from foreign (British) banks. And was taken under the highest interest. Then, as in Britain, gave them without any interest companies, which was a Ponzi scheme, the founders of which were British. Then the company disappeared. No roads. No money. More and loans with interest had to return to foreign banks.

Now, despite the fact that Russia all the loans are repaid, it is using old scams want to earn again.

Without any complexes PriceWaterhouseCoopers requires that Russia paid on debt obligations issued on figureheads.

But in the language of criminal law it called “fictitious business” and “financial fraud”. And in this respect the Criminal code has a specific article.

It is noteworthy that when the successor of Alexander II Alexander III, who banned the activities of railway companies and fraud in the transportation industry, all these pseudo shareholders quietly silent, fearing punishment.

They were silent and when Lenin and Stalin. The Soviet government then was ready to repay “the king’s debts,” but only under condition of recognition of the Soviet state, the return of the king’s gold and compensation for material damage from foreign intervention during the Civil war.

And only today, after a long time, decided to make a complaint, apparently deciding that the past, nobody will stir. Cheerful guys want to get money in the third round.

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