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Black, gray, white: what does the color Of the exhaust

Черный, сизый, белый: О чем говорит цвет выхлопных газов

Many modern engines are amenable only to computer diagnostics, although something about the health of the “iron horse” can be found on the colour of his exhaust. Sometimes, such simple diagnostics of the car can prevent serious problems, and sometimes will help you not to look at the service a fool.

All right

It is important to know that when everything is in order, the exhaust gases are colorless and barely visible. Whitish smoke from the exhaust can only go when it warms up when it’s cold outside, but then it needs to become clear again. This applies to all engines: both old and new.

White smoke

In the winter, as I said, the white smoke from the exhaust pipes goes to each of the second car. In this case everything is fine — it’s just water vapor formed due to evaporation of water condensed in the exhaust system during the Parking of the car. When all the moisture from the exhaust pipe to evaporate, the exhaust gases must become transparent. If not or suddenly become white smoke in the summer, then into the engine somehow gets water or coolant. In the latter case, the exhaust will have a sweet taste of antifreeze, and the candles are covered with gray-white deposits on the electrodes. The cause of the leak may be, for example, a broken head gasket of the engine block.

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Glaucous (blue) smoke

If from the exhaust is bluish or grey smoke, but I definitely not. Most likely in the combustion chamber gets the oil. Check the oil level, in most cases it will be lower than necessary, because grey smoke is usually accompanied by a decent Gorom oil.

The reason may be the age of the car, then you just need to replace the valve seals, or worn piston and sealing piston rings. If the time to notice the purple smoke, you get to manage easy and inexpensive repair at any service station, but when everything is running, the consequences can be far more serious than the replacement of the rubber bands.

When you contact a service the first thing you will need to check the engine compression. If it is normal, all because of valve seals, if not the piston rings. The turbo and diesel engines, the cause may not be in the engine and in the turbine. If either the turbine than air it can pump in the engine and oil. If so, this will be seen by the oily air tubes running from the turbine to the engine (when everything is fine, they dry). If the problem is still in a turbine, time to pull no. Ignoring the problem may lead to engine repair and replacement turbines.

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Black smoke

Black smoke from the exhaust pipe can often be seen on cars with a diesel engine. This indicates a malfunction of the exhaust gas purification system. Here can help a banal replacement of the particulate filter. Or the reason is incomplete combustion of fuel. In this case, the first thing you need to check the air filter. Then the intake manifold. Maybe the lack of engine compression. May not work high pressure pump and there is a banal overflow of fuel into the cylinders (accompanied by increased fuel consumption).

The reason a gasoline engine can be in the ignition system that ignites, not the fuel and it goes directly to the muffler. In this case, the engine will troit. Can help adjustment of corners of an advancing of ignition. Also black smoke can cause unstable operation of the injector. If so, then the engine speed will float. This can be treated by purging the system.

Anyway, ignore the black smoke from the exhaust pipe can not. To find out and solve the problem you need to quickly, otherwise the repair can cost a tidy sum. Primarily black exhaust kills the catalyst, and it is expensive.

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