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Biogenic solar panels more efficient

Биогенные солнечные батареи более эффективны

Scientists are on the way to creation of advanced solar panels with the participation of bacteria. Microscopic organisms like to enjoy the sunshine, so why not use their love for the benefit of mankind? Such bacteria can be used in the construction of solar panels, making them much more efficient.

The idea of using bacteria in solar cells came up with engineers from the University of British Columbia (UBC), which has developed a completely new method of creating solar cells from certain bacteria within. As it turned out, these solar cells can function even when the Sun is closed by clouds. However, their efficiency does not fall.

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In principle nutrient for creating solar panels from living organisms, it is required to extract a special substance in bacteria, which allows them to synthesize the light. Unfortunately, this process can be complex and may require toxic solvents.

The UBC team used decided to use a more simple alternative to the above method: directly by the bacteria themselves. First, they genetically engineered E. coli to perebrosali substance lycopene, which helps them to perform photosynthesis. Then, the bacteria were placed into the semiconductor material and closed by a glass plate.

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These batteries have shown good results, but at the moment, scientists are unable to keep the used bacteria for a long time in a living form. However, scientists have understood, in what direction they need to move and hope for a speedy solution to the problem.

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