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“Ben-Hur” Bekmambetov: a review of reviews of Russian critics

Today, the new Hollywood film by Russian Director Timur Bekmambetov is already possible to see in cinemas. “Ben Hur” is an ambitious historical drama, which is based on a book written in 1880. In our material we collected opinions of local journalists who have seen the Hollywood film shortly before its release.

“Ben-Hur” Bekmambetov: a review of reviews of Russian critics

Stanislav Zelva, “it’s Hard to imagine that in 2016 the viewer, especially the young, threw on a movie with no stars about ancient Judea”that the “Ben-Hur” has failed in the us and can say, worldwide, the special fault of the Director no — it was originally a kind of fabulous, unexplainable naivety “of Paramount and MGM. It is clear that Judah Ben-Hur has long been the goose that lays the Golden eggs: a novel by Lew Wallace Ben-Hur: the Story of Christ, written in 1880 and for decades remained the main American bestseller of all time, and his most famous film adaptation, the film of William Wyler’s 1959, was in addition to 11 “Oscars” a tremendous blockbuster. But does not seem to need to be a sophisticated analyst to see that times have changed: hard to imagine that in 2016 the viewer, especially the young, threw on a movie with no stars about ancient Judea, in which the main trump card — the chariot races”.

Trailer of the movie “Ben-Hur”
Sergey Sinyakov: “”Ben-Hur”-2016 — neutral-glossy brochure”Film 1959-year in relation to the history of the Forest Wallace’s short, but gives a accurate representation of the original retelling. “Ben-Hur”-2016 — neutral-glossy brochure with smiling from the cover on the hard positive whether Ben-Hur, or the Christ (bearded characters of Jack Houston and Rodrigo Santoro, the holders of a moderate charisma, it is easy to confuse; movie not so acting). Pop Christian book-baby in explanation — bespontovaya even for modest benefit for a lazy student that cowardly maskiruya a thick novel, I will undertake to write “Ben-Guru” the writing is much distorted from as good, so doubtful considerations of cinogenicity. The name of the author of the adaptation is a little more important and principled personality unknown finisher”.
Trailer of the movie “Ben-Hur”
Denis Korsakov: “the most Vexing is that Bekmambetov is really a great Director,”most Offensive of all, what do Bekmambetov a great Director, his “Day watch” is one of the most talented films shot in Russia in the zero, it “Especially dangerous” (Wanted) is one of the best fighters produced in the same decade in Hollywood. But why the author, which critic Roger Ebert once rightly called axmaster, directed with frantic visual imagination, all the while pulling on the 3rd street of Builders, in the garden of Gethsemane, where the application of all this, you will not find, and why he was taken hastily to tell the story, known to all by heart – the riddles, which it seems he can’t find the answer.”
A fragment of the film “Ben-Hur”
Sergei Sychev: “Race Bekmambetov – slaughter and grinder in which mixed horses and people”Bekmambetov thinks more aggressive and danceable, so racing him is not so much sight, how many a massacre, a slaughter, in which mixed horses and people. Bloody and senseless sport in which there is no beauty, and there is the boiling of passion and the heady feeling of impunity for the crimes in front of everyone murder. For this transformation was worth it to get involved in a costly gamble, the competition with the winner of 11 Oscars, which, however, not so many people saw in the original version – on the big screen and 70 mm projection.
Movie about the filming of “Ben-Hur”
Boris Ivanov: “the Main problem “software upgrade” – what the authors of the play had to cram in a multi-page novel into two hours of screen”the Main trouble of “upgrading” is that the writers of the new production – in particular, John Ridley received an Oscar for “12 years a slave” – had to cram a multi-page novel in four hours onscreen, and in two (at the end of the 1950s it was fashionable to remove the super long movies with intermission). To do this trick, had to abandon all scenes in Rome and significantly distort the story, having set everywhere unconvincing story patch.
Trailer of the movie “Ben-Hur”
Denis Ruzaev: “special Effects are scattered on the pixels like in a video game,”Alas, how good would the author’s intention nor what canoodling what was, and remains original, they do not lead. The special effects are scattered on the pixels like in a video game. The hero and the villain even looks almost indistinguishable from each other — and Houston, and Kebbel be rather antiaritmikami. Lack of faith in the patience of modern audiences leads to the fact that shamelessly reduces the plot (the original was more than three hours, this movie is less than two), not giving like you should look into the characters and live with them.”
Movie about the filming of “Ben-Hur”

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